If you use WhatsApp on Windows, you will have a problem receiving these messages

Meta is implementing many changes in whatsapp, both in the form of new functions and features, and in the form of security and privacy improvements. In recent weeks we have been able to see new features that have come, for example, to groups and to the desktop version of WhatsApp (or WhatsApp Web). However, Meta still has some improvements up its sleeve to improve the user experience and, above all, earn their trust. Although it is possible that some of the measures that are to come you will not like.

One of the functions that WhatsApp offers us is the possibility of send self-destructing photos. This means that when the recipient receives it, they will only have a limited time (a few seconds) to view it, and then it will be deleted. This function can be used for many purposes, but for all of them, one of the fundamental aspects of it is privacy and the security that, under no circumstances, the recipient can save the photo.

To do this, several layers of security have been implemented. For example, last month Meta implemented a screenshot lock on Android and iOS so that when the recipient opens the photo, they can’t take a screenshot to save it. But what about whatsapp web? When we receive this photo on the PC, we can open it just like on the mobile, and the image self-destructs in the same way. But it is infinitely easier to make a copy of the photo.

For example, we can take a screenshot to save the photo. Or we can also resort to other tricks that allow us, with the PC, to save these images. To avoid this, Meta has opted for the most drastic option of all. Even if that means going against some users.

Goodbye to private photos from the PC

As of November 1 this month, WhatsApp users on PC can no longer send or receive single-view messages or photos. This change affects users of WhatsApp Web as well as users of the desktop version, alternative Electron-based clients, and the WhatsApp UWP app from the Microsoft Store. That is, absolutely all versions. The change also applies to WhatsApp for macOS.

When receiving one of these messages, what we will see will be a notice like the following.

In it, it will indicate that we have received a message that can only be seen once. And that, for privacy reasons, we will have to open it from our phone.

This is a completely necessary change in order to preserve the security of these messages. Preventing them from being opened on the PC gives the user an extra privacy when it comes to trusting that the messages sent in this way are kept private.

However, we must bear in mind that there are still many ways in which these photos, or messages, can be saved. For example, taking a photo with another mobile when we open it. Therefore, be very careful with what we send through WhatsApp. Common sense is always essential.

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