This is the new Razer BlackWidow V4 75% keyboard with interchangeable switches

For years the company has specialized in the development of high-quality peripherals. They have a large catalog with solutions for all budgets with the best possible benefits. In addition, they have developed their own switches, a solution that combines mechanical switches with optical ones, which give a unique precision.

They have been expanding their catalog, introducing other segments, without neglecting their high standards. The result of this is its range of laptops, which offer cutting-edge hardware designed for gaming.

New BlackWidow V4 Keyboard 75%

This new gaming keyboard from the brand is characterized by allowing hot swapping of the switches. Natively integrates Razer Orange tactile mechanical switches last generation. We can change them for any of the switches offered by the brand and even combine them.

Offers compatibility with 3 or 5 pin switches, to increase customization. The PCB allows other mechanical switches to be installed without major problems. It is designed so that the user can fully adapt it to their needs.

This keyboard comes with the Razer Orange V3 tactile switches. These have a higher impact point and a cleaner sound with each press. Significant improvements compared to the previous generation, to improve the touch in the pulsation.

Razer BlackWidow V4 75% keys

This keyboard has a FR4 board It features two layers of sound-mitigating foam. This layer is sandwiched between the enhanced printed circuit board (PCB) and the FR4 board. The other is located in the lower part of the structure to reduce metallic sound and reverberations.

this keyboard 75% format has RGB lighting that we can manage through the Razer Chrome RGB software. All enclosed in one 5052 aluminum alloy structure of great resistance and durability. It has a lighting area on both sides, as well as individual lighting per key.

It integrates a function roller and multimedia keys that offers gamers great convenience. Allows you to adjust the polling frequency up to 8000 Hz via software. Additionally, the keys can be programmed using Razer Synaps. The keycaps are ABS DoubleShot and it has N-key rollover and full anti-ghosting.

keyboard design Razer BlackWidow V4 75%

Solution very focused on demanding gamers

We clearly see that this keyboard is a solution designed for advanced users who require certain extras. Changing switches is not usually a general feature on gaming keyboards. Few offer this option to better adapt to the user’s demands.

Something that we like in a special way is that it has a wrist rest, something very necessary if we are going to use it for hours. Improves the position of the hand and prevents the appearance of pain in the wrist area.

The Razer BlackWidow V4 75% Keyboard is now available worldwide. We can buy this Razer BlackWidow V4 75% keyboard for 225 euros on Amazon. It is also available in white, although at the moment we have not found it for sale.

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