This is what you need to use Alexa on your old TV

Having a smart TV is a very useful thing nowadays. We have many options available and in this way we can turn it on or off remotely, control it by voice, use linked smart applications… Now, can we turn an older television into a smart one? We can use Alexa on an old TV? In this article we are going to explain what we can do to achieve what we mentioned and be able to take more advantage of a television even if it is not the latest model.

Use Alexa on an old TV

If you want to convert your old smart tv and to be able to control it through Alexa, what you can do is buy a device. This is an Amazon Fire TV Stick. Keep in mind that there are several models and depending on the one you choose, you can have more or fewer functions, as well as play videos at a better or worse quality.

What you can do with these devices Amazon FireTV Stick is to make a television smart if it is not. You will even be able to use voice commands to turn it on or off. In addition, you can control it from your mobile phone, just like you do with other smart devices you have in your home. A more advanced and current option is Amazon Fire TV Cube.

These devices are going to be connected to a HDMI port of your television. From there, what you have to do is configure it through Alexa. We can use a smart speaker, a remote that has a microphone or directly the Amazon Fire TV Cube and be able to make commands through it and thus control our television.

Therefore, as you can see, it is possible to use Alexa on a television, even if it is old. Of course, you will have to buy an additional device. You can see some options available on Amazon:

Use a smart plug

Another way to control an old television to some extent and make it smart is to use a smart plug with Wi-Fi. It is true that you will not have the same control as if you use any of the previous devices that we have seen, even so you will be able to automate some tasks and even other devices linked to television.

What you can do with a smart plug is schedule shutdown from the television. For example, maybe you want it to turn off at a certain time or if you have children and you want them to only watch TV for a certain time, you will be able to program the shutdown thanks to this type of simple device that you can configure and also link with Alexa.

In addition, through a smart plug you will be able to turn off the television from anywhere. For example, if you’re away from home and have left it on or want to make sure it’s off, you can easily do that. You will only have to use the mobile application linked to that plug and that’s it.

You will also be able to use a smart plug in other devices related to television, such as speakers, video players, decoders… In the same way, you will be able to turn off and turn on certain devices remotely.

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