This is why I’m leaving and you should buy the iPhone 15 Pro

The design of this phone, both inside and out, is going to be one of the key points. If we look at the guts of the device, we will see a new generation of Apple processors. And if we look at the exterior section, we are going to see changes that a priori seem small. But, without a doubt, they will make a big difference. The sum of iterations that Apple will present in this device will make me opt for an iPhone 15 Pro. So here I am going to tell you what I think is differential.

multifunctional button

If there is something we loved about the Apple Watch Ultra action, it is the action button and as we know, Apple likes to transfer development technology from one device to another. Therefore, as published by Steve Moser and published in MacRumors, it is possible that Apple will launch a new button that replaces the mute switch and have new features. Specifically, some of the most interesting are the following:

  • Accessibility
  • shortcuts
  • Silent mode
  • Camera
  • Flashlight
  • Approach
  • Magnifying glass
  • Translate
  • voice notes

Now, what about its notification mute feature? Let’s hope this Apple feature brings it to the control center, keeping its functionality and its important to our way of interacting with our iPhone. For me, the silent mode is very important to have it at hand, for you?

Instant camera

If the iPhone stands out for something, it is its camera, both for photography and for video in a semi-professional way. For this reason, one of the reasons why I am going to buy the iPhone 15 Pro is because Apple would be working on a new button to be able to take photography instantly, which will allow you to be able to photograph objects quickly.

This function is especially useful if you like photography of race cars, cycling, photos of animals in nature, where every second counts. It is also rumored that only version 15 Pro Max will have the periscope mode, but in this regard, I think they will extend it to the entire Pro range.

new chip A17

iOS 16 is not one of the generations that has stood out for its efficiency, since even Apple has stated that some of the features such as the Always on screen or vibration reduce our battery resources.

As a result of this situation, Apple has solved the problem in two ways. On the one hand, we have iOS 17, which comes to correct the problems of iOS 16 and, therefore, it is a much more efficient operating system. On the other hand, Apple’s new 3nm processor, manufactured by TSMC, the best semiconductor company in the world. Developing a chip with this size will directly mean a 35% increase in performance and a 15% improvement in efficiency, which will allow you to have a range of two and a half days without problems.

Other news

We have commented on the three most important novelties that will be carried by the top-of-the-range version of Apple. But its improvements do not end here, since there are other series of minor improvements that, if so, have convinced me to buy the next generation of the iPhone 15.

stand by iOS 17

  • Finer edges: the new iPhone 15 Pro could gain screen size without expanding its physical size. This will be achieved by reducing the outer border or frame. An engineering marvel.
  • USB-C port: The most noteworthy novelty is the arrival of the USB-C port and that it will reach the top-of-the-range models of Apple.
  • USB-C port: The iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max will have a USB-C charging port that would allow greater standardization of connections and savings on accessories for when we travel.

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