This portable console has a Ryzen 7 6800U Zen 3+ with RDNA 2

The market of portable consoles is booming, especially after Valve presented its Steam Deck. Since then, many companies have been striving to launch increasingly powerful portable console models on the market, and we have an example with the new model that AOKZOE has presented, equipped with a processor AMD Ryzen 6800U of architecture Zen 3+ and with graphics RDNA2. How well will this console work? Let’s see it.

This is a portable console equipped with the latest AMD mobile APU, with 8 Zen 3 x86 cores and 12-core RDNA 2 integrated graphics. Several designs with the Ryzen 7 6800U APU have already been announced, but the manufacturer AOKZOE has been the first to show a video in which you can see a demonstration of its portable console in operation.

The console with Ryzen 7 6800U in operation

In the video that the company has published, you can see your portable console in titles such as Cyberpunk 2077, Forza Horizon 5, Monster Hunter World or Elden Ring, although unfortunately the video does not show some details about the configuration used or the resolution . However, you can see that on the screen where Windows 11 appears in operation it seems to have a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels.

In this same screenshot you can see that, in addition to the AMD Ryzen 7 6800U, the console carries 16 GB of RAM, which are most likely DDR4. Unfortunately, apart from the APU, the resolution or the amount of RAM, there is no more information about the equipment’s hardware, although it seems obvious that the storage will be based on NVMe SSDs. It is also evident that the console has Windows 11 installed from the factory.

Windows 11 Console

In games that are relatively light like Forza Horizon 5 or Monster Hunter World, this console is capable of offering more than 100 FPS, while in CyberPunk 2077 the number of frames per second that the AMD Ryzen 7 APU is capable of generating is around the 60, just like in Elden Ring (although it is true that, as you probably already know, in this game the FPS are “capped” at 60 maximum). This performance is definitely ideal to be able to enjoy a great gaming experience, especially if we take into account that the portable console has a fairly low consumption.

Beyond this presentation video that the manufacturer has published, there is no additional information about its portable console, and this includes its price or its release date. However, given the hardware it mounts we can get an idea, and potentially it will have a price that will easily be around 500 Euros, at least if it wants to be competitive with respect to what is already on the market of the competition (however this is a our assumption).

As we have already mentioned before, the market for portable consoles is booming, and there is a fierce fight between manufacturers to see who presents the model that is capable of providing the best performance in games, with greater autonomy and at the best price. By the way, it seems clear that for these three things everyone is choosing AMD APUs, especially for the benefits of FSR technology.

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