Do we need the Internet to use Adobe programs?

Adobe is one of the largest software developers, for commercial use, that we can find on the web. This company has well-known programs, such as Photoshop, Acrobat PDF or Premiere with which to carry out all kinds of creation and design work. All these programs are acquired through the payment of a subscription, which we can pay either month to month or through a single payment per year. And, once we have a valid subscription, we can download them from Creative Cloud. But is it necessary to always have an internet connection to use this software?

Programs do not run remotely

Today, we are all constantly connected to Internet. Unless there is a problem with the fiber connection, or we are traveling in a place where there is no signal, it is rare to find a computer that is not constantly connected. And, of course, software developers take advantage of this connection.

It has been said many times that Adobe programs only work when we are connected to the Internet, or that some of its functions are only available when there is a connection, such as those that make use of the AI ​​of Adobe Sensei. This, in truth, is false.

Everybody Adobe programs are downloaded and run completely on our computer. Even AI-based features like neural filters run directly on the PC, using, for example, GPU acceleration. We may need the internet, for example, to download new filters or plug-ins, just as we need it for updates. But otherwise, we don’t need any kind of connection.

That yes, that the programs work offline It does not mean that we do not need to connect to the Internet from time to time.

Adobe Creative Cloud license needs to be validated

Although we can use the programs without the need for an Internet connection, there are some moments when we must be connected. For example, when we download the program that is (obvious), and the first time we run it so that it activate and validate the license.

From there, we can disconnect the computer from the Internet to use the program. Of course, we will have to connect to Adobe Creative Cloud every certain number of days to validate our license. And this number of days varies depending on the type of subscription we pay.

In the case of buying the monthly subscription, We can only be disconnected for up to 30 days. Before that time, we will have to connect, even once, for Creative Cloud to verify that we still have a valid license and allow us to continue using it. With this, Adobe prevents us from doing any tricks, such as changing the date of the PC, to continue using the unlicensed programs.

On the other hand, if we are one of those who pay an annual subscription, we can use the programs for up to 99 days without the need for internet. But, equally, we will have to connect once in that period to validate the license and be able to continue using the programs without problems.

Of course, all kinds of updates will also require being connected to the Internet in order to download and install them.

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