This NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti is on sale, 15% off!

We do not have to say the current market situation and much more that of graphics cards, so having a very interesting discount on one of them is practically a pre-Black Friday gift. On this occasion, it is PcComponentes that brings us a whole RTX 3060 Ti XLR8 with a dual fan from the PNY brand with a 15% discount, which is not little. So with that said, let’s get to know her.

If picking up a GPU is already a challenge, doing it within the mid-range of GPUs is not an achievement, but rather a feat. This RTX is a very valid option from an assembler not too well known in our lands, but it is also a great card that has some interesting peculiarities.



The graphics card itself is simpler than the name that the brand has given it, since it is not really easy. But under the hood we have a GPU with the best NVIDIA seal and that is undoubtedly dominating the series with an iron fist, since it is much closer to an RTX 3070 than anything else and as we saw in our analysis, it goes more finer than its superior sister when playing with a minimal FPS difference.

We are talking of course about a GA104-200-A1 chip manufactured by Samsung in an 8 nm lithographic process with a total area of ​​392 mm2, which is great for the range it boasts.

Why? Well, NVIDIA has equipped it with 38 SMs that distribute their characteristics in no less than 4864 Shaders, 152 TMUs, 80 ROPs, 152 Tensor Cores and 38 RT Cores, all with a 128 KB L1 cache for each SM it has and also 4 Shared L2 MB.

These characteristics are linked to 8 GB of GDDR6 and a 256-bit bus that results in a bandwidth of 448 GB / s thanks to the fact that its memory goes to 14 Gbps effective or 1750 MHz real.

A custom graphics card with standard specifications


PNY has not wanted to risk much with this graphics card, since it is intended for the most affordable range within the series. For this reason, it has not touched frequencies to overclock this model, which tells us that we will have 1410 MHz in base frequency and 1665 MHz in Boost, which will go up depending on the quality of the ASIC that we touch to about 1800 MHz on average.

This gives an FP32 performance of 16.20 TFLOPS for a consumption of 200 watts. What differentiates this GPU from the rest that use the same chip? Well, we start from an ITX PCB that will need an 8-pin power supply and that will be cooled by a two-body heatsink with 3 heatpipes that extend its dimensions to be able to cover said bodies with two 8-cm fans.


In addition, it comes standard with the backplate where half of it is oversized and perforated in the shape of a honeycomb to allow the hot air from the larger body of the heatsink to expel the heat upwards. As if that were not enough, it has a very curious customizable RGB system and without being something new, it is different from what has been seen so far and simple at the same time.

Its price was 899.90 euros, but after the 15% discount we can find it for 759.89 euros. A price that you should only pay if you are going to use it to play, because this card is limited to mining.

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