this small detail suggests that Apple will sell interchangeable batteries

Now that Apple has presented the Vision Pro, its augmented reality headset, eyes are on the equipment and accessories that will accompany this accessory. A user has noted a very interesting detail about the battery of the device.

Vision Pro Apple

A Twitter member named DuanRui posted a tweet pointing out a detail of Apple’s Vision Pro that might have gone unnoticed. Indeed, when we observe the battery of the device, which is quite distinct from the helmet itself, we note the presence of a tiny hole between USB-C port and power cable junction with the battery pack. The Cupertino company has not yet communicated any information concerning this component, Internet users have no choice but to make assumptions. DuanRui launches and asks the question: “can I insert a SIM card ejector to unplug the power cord ? “.

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Apple unveiled its augmented reality headset at the last WWDC in June 2023. The Vision Pro and its promise to revolutionize our daily lives won over many observers. Beyond its price which reserves it for a wealthy clientele, its low autonomy is the other salient point which risks slowing down its adoption. With a battery life of only two hours on a full charge, it is indeed out of the question to plan long walks outside with a Vision Pro.

This small detail on the battery of the Vision Pro arouses the curiosity of Internet users

The examples shown during the developer conference showed us users enjoying their AR headset in the comfort of their own home, most often on a sofa or sitting down. That said, it’s not unlikely that Apple will one day unveil a range of “Made for visionOS” accessories.

In the meantime, Internet users go there with their little interpretation. The hypotheses raised on the forums range from the most fanciful to the most plausible. Thus, when a user claims thatyou can buy a separate battery and plug it into the USB-C portanother states that it is a microphone.

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