The metaverse expands, Microsoft and Facebook announce new alliance

After the recent presentation of Facebook Rallity Labs, an event in which they announced many news, the change of the company’s name, and of course the metaverse, a term that has not stopped being a trend, and that is that every day more companies seek to participate in this “new era”.

The metaverse, in the words of Mark Zuckerberg, it is the virtual environment of the future to which it will be possible to enter, instead of simply seeing a screen. In this virtual world it will be possible to carry out any activity with virtual reality devices, augmented reality glasses and other applications.

Microsoft and Facebook join forces

Now we know that Facebook has signed a new alliance with Microsoft to be able to incorporate the tool called Workplace within its software, Microsoft Teams, which would arrive sometime in 2022 as a new function to expand the platform.

Remember that Microsoft Teams became quite popular derived from the current pandemic, so they are always looking to implement new functions or correct errors and thanks to Workplace companies can provide all this content without having to leave the environment.

To all this are also added the transmissions of the work meetings in Workplace of Facebook, with all these applications, companies like Microsoft assure that it will no longer be just a only tool to communicate, now there will be a lot of software and even hardware to be able to establish a communication.

With this, the two platforms seek to implement the metaverse, even Microsoft has just launched its platform called Mesh for Microsoft Teams.

Facebook is already working on its target platform and is also testing with Horizon Workrooms for the part of improving workflows and also starting the implementation of augmented reality.


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