Three smartwatches with a good deal today on Amazon

If you were after hunting and capturing a new smart watch, today we have no less than three different models to propose (and so you have to choose). A selection of Smart Watches of very diverse prices so that it also adapts to all types of pockets. Take note.

realme Watch 3

Complete, simple and, above all, at a groundbreaking price. He realme watch 3 It is an excellent option for those who are looking for a good smartwatch at a reduced price, even more so now that it has a 24% discount, staying thanks to it in only 52.99 euros.

This equipment has a screen 1.8 inches (its screen-to-body ratio is 67.5%) and is in charge of monitoring heart rate 24/7, even alerting you to certain anomalies it detects. It also measures the blood oxygen saturation and your rest, to know at all times how you sleep. It goes without saying that it has an endless number of sports modes (100 neither more nor less), so you can keep a good record of your exercises.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5

One of Samsung’s most recent watches has also dropped (notably in price). In this way, we find a 34% discount, one of its best historical discounts and that leaves it in 199 euros of final cost.

The Galaxy Watch5 is a smart watch with all the letters. A team of excellent construction, with screen AMOLED, monitoring of all our activity, detailed monitoring of the sports practice that we carry out and surveillance of our heart rate as well as our sleep. Be careful because it has several sensors, among which stands out one that controls from the body fat percentage (BIA) to skeletal muscle weight. It does not forget the GPS and has NFC. He does not lack anything.

Molocy Q23

You are probably now raising an eyebrow while reading this name while wondering what the hell such a “weird” brand is doing here. But the truth is that this unknown signature has little: on Amazon literally sweeps With more than 2,500 opinions and a fantastic average rating. The secret is simple and it is that this smartwatch is very cheap, so much so that correct performance is more than enough to make a good impression on you overall.

In this way, for only 29.98 euros that it costs now (its offer is 40% and it is not the first time we have seen it) you take home a smartwatch with a 1.69 “screen. 25 sports modesIP68 certification (resistant to sweat and splashes), heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep monitor and synchronization with your phone to receive message notifications and other notices.

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