15 tips and tricks for Pixel 8a [Must-Know]

Hey there, Pixel 8a owner! Got your hands on Google’s newest gem? Congrats! This phone is packed with awesome features, but it might take a little exploring to uncover all its hidden tricks.

Don’t worry, we’ve this list to get familiar with your phone in not time. We’ve put together 15 simple tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Pixel 8a. Whether you’re a tech whiz or just want to make your phone work a little smarter, these tips will make your Pixel experience even better.

We’ll show you how to personalize your phone, take amazing photos, and even get some help from Google’s AI. And trust us, these tricks aren’t just for show – they’ll actually make your everyday life easier.

So, are you ready to unlock the full potential of your Pixel 8a? Let’s get to the list:

Pixel Material You

1. Customize the Home Screen

Let’s start by making your phone’s home screen feel like your own little corner of the world. You can change the wallpaper to a picture of your loved ones or a cool design you found online. Just touch and hold an empty spot on your screen, and choose “Wallpaper & style.

And that’s not all! You can also give your phone a fresh coat of paint with “Material You” themes. These themes match the colors in your wallpaper, so your whole phone looks coordinated and stylish. To change your theme, head to “Wallpaper & style” again and tap “Theme.”

To really make your phone stand out, why not try out the “Themed icons” option? This changes the icons of your apps to match your wallpaper and theme, giving your home screen a polished look.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, keep an eye out for “AI Wallpaper.” This feature uses artificial intelligence to create unique wallpapers just for you. It’s like having a personal artist in your pocket!

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Circle to Search
Circle to Search

Ever seen something interesting on your screen and wondered what it was? With Circle to Search, your Pixel 8a can tell you! Just long-press the little pill-shaped button at the bottom of your screen (the navigation bar) to activate it.

Now, circle anything you see – a pair of shoes in a picture, a word in an article – and Google will find information about it for you. It’s like having your own detective right on your phone!

Not only can Circle to Search identify things, but it can also help you shop. See a cool jacket online? Circle it, and Google will show you similar options you can buy. It’s a super easy way to find what you’re looking for without having to type anything. So go ahead, give Circle to Search a whirl – you might be surprised what you discover!

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3. Face Unlock for Apps

Tired of typing passwords every time you open an app? Your Pixel 8a can recognize your face and unlock apps for you! It’s like having a secret key that only you have.

To set it up, go to “Settings” and then “Security & Privacy.”

There, you’ll find “Face Unlock.” Follow the instructions to teach your phone to recognize your face. Once it’s set up, you can choose which apps you want to unlock with your face.

This is super handy for apps you use often, like your email or social media. Now, you can just look at your phone and voila, your app is open! It’s a small change, but it can save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

Plus, it’s pretty cool to see your phone recognize you, isn’t it?

 Focus Mode on Pixel phones

4. Focus Mode

Need to buckle down and concentrate? Your Pixel 8a has a secret weapon called Focus Mode. It’s like a “Do Not Disturb” sign for your apps. When you turn on Focus Mode, it pauses the apps you choose and hides their notifications, so you won’t be tempted to check them.

It’s super easy to set up. Just go to “Settings,” then “Digital Wellbeing,” and you’ll find Focus Mode there. You can choose which apps you find distracting, and even set a schedule for when you want Focus Mode to turn on automatically. For example, you could have it turn on during work hours or when you’re studying.

Think of Focus Mode as your personal assistant, helping you stay on track and avoid those pesky distractions. Give it a try the next time you need to focus on something important – you might be surprised how much more you get done!

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Google's Audio Magic Eraser

5. Audio Magic Eraser

We all know that feeling: you’ve captured the perfect video, but it’s ruined by annoying background noise. Maybe it’s a barking dog, a loud car, or just the wind whistling. But don’t worry, your Pixel 8a has a secret weapon: Audio Magic Eraser!

This clever tool uses Google’s AI to identify different sounds in your video and let you turn down the volume on the ones you don’t want. It’s like having a magic wand that can erase unwanted noise and make your videos sound crystal clear.

To use it, open the video in Google Photos, tap the “Edit” button, then “Audio,” and finally “Audio Magic Eraser.” You’ll see a list of sounds in your video. Just tap on the ones you want to reduce, and voila! The noise magically fades away. It’s that simple!

So, next time you’re recording a concert, a special moment with your loved ones, or even just a funny video of your cat, remember Audio Magic Eraser. It can turn a good video into a great one by making sure your subject is heard loud and clear.

Use AI Wallpapers on Pixel 8a phone

6. AI Wallpaper

Who needs a boring wallpaper when you can have a masterpiece created by AI? The Pixel 8a’s AI Wallpaper feature is like having a personal artist in your pocket, ready to paint a new picture every time you want a fresh look.

To start your AI art adventure, head to “Wallpaper & style” and tap “More wallpapers.” There, you’ll find the “AI wallpaper” option. Choose a theme that catches your eye, like “Cityscape,” “Abstract,” or “Minimalist.” Then, the AI gets to work, crafting a unique wallpaper based on your chosen theme.

You can even add a personal touch by changing prompts or keywords. For example, if you choose the “Cityscape” theme, you can add keywords like “neon,” “futuristic,” or “calm” to get a wallpaper that perfectly matches your mood.

AI Wallpaper isn’t just about pretty pictures, though. It’s about expressing your personality and style through the art on your phone. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and see what amazing creations the AI comes up with. Who knows, you might discover a hidden talent for wallpaper design!

7. One-Handed Mode

Have you ever struggled to reach the top of your Pixel 8a’s screen with one hand? We’ve all been there! Luckily, One-Handed Mode is here to save the day.

One-Handed Mode shrinks the screen down so everything is within easy reach of your thumb. It’s perfect for those moments when you’re juggling a coffee and your phone, or trying to send a text with one hand.

To turn it on, go to “Settings,” then “System,” then “Gestures,” and finally “One-handed mode.” Once it’s activated, you can easily switch it on or off by swiping down on the bottom of your screen.

Not only does One-Handed Mode make it easier to reach everything, but it can also help prevent accidental touches. No more accidentally opening apps or sending gibberish messages when your hand slips! So go ahead and give One-Handed Mode a try – your thumb will thank you.

Quick Tap Gesture on Pixel phones.

8. Quick Tap Gesture

Imagine opening your favorite app or taking a selfie with just a double-tap on the back of your phone. Sounds like magic, right? Well, that’s exactly what Quick Tap does on your Pixel 8a.

This handy feature lets you assign a specific action to a double-tap gesture. You can choose to open an app, take a screenshot, play or pause music, or even turn on your flashlight. It’s like having a secret button on your phone that does whatever you want!

To set it up, go to “Settings,” then “System,” then “Gestures,” and finally “Quick Tap.” There, you’ll see a list of actions you can choose from. Once you’ve picked your action, just double-tap the back of your phone to trigger it.

Quick Tap is a great way to save time and access your most-used features without having to fumble around with your phone. It’s especially useful if you only have one hand free. So go ahead and give it a try – you might be surprised how much you use it!

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9. 120Hz Refresh Rate

Ever noticed how some phone screens look smoother and more fluid than others? That’s because of the refresh rate – how many times per second the screen updates the image. And guess what? Your Pixel 8a has a super smooth 120Hz refresh rate!

This means your screen refreshes 120 times every second, making everything look super crisp and responsive. Scrolling through websites, playing games, or even just swiping between apps feels incredibly smooth and satisfying. It’s like the difference between watching a regular movie and a high-definition one.

To turn on the 120Hz refresh rate, head to “Settings,” then “Display,” and find “Smooth Display.” Just toggle it on, and you’ll instantly notice the difference.

However, keep in mind that a higher refresh rate can use up a bit more battery power. If you’re trying to conserve battery, you can switch back to the standard 60Hz refresh rate. But for everyday use, the 120Hz refresh rate is definitely a treat for the eyes!

Connect your Pixel phone as Webcam

10. High-Quality Webcam

Who needs a fancy webcam when you’ve got a Pixel 8a in your pocket? This little phone can easily transform into a high-quality webcam for all your video calls. It’s perfect for meetings, catching up with friends and family, or even online classes.

Your Pixel 8a’s camera is already pretty impressive on its own, but you can take it up a notch by using third-party apps. These apps help you connect your phone to your computer and use it as a webcam, giving you a much better picture quality than your laptop’s built-in camera.

Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. There are plenty of user-friendly apps available that guide you through the setup process. With just a few taps, you’ll be ready to show off your best side on video calls.

So, next time you’re about to hop on a video call, consider using your Pixel 8a as your webcam. You’ll be surprised by the difference it makes. And hey, it might just make those virtual meetings a little more bearable!

11. Multiple User Accounts

Ever wanted to share your Pixel 8a with a family member or friend, but worried about them seeing your personal stuff? Multiple User Accounts are here to save the day!

This handy feature lets you create separate profiles on your phone, each with its own apps, settings, and even a different home screen. It’s like having multiple phones in one!

Why is this useful? Well, if you share your Pixel 8a with your kids, you can create a profile for them with kid-friendly apps and restrictions. Or, if you share your phone with your partner, you can each have your own profile with your own preferences and accounts.

To set up Multiple User Accounts, go to “Settings,” then “System,” and tap “Multiple users.” From there, you can add new users and switch between profiles easily. It’s a simple way to keep everyone’s information private and make sure your Pixel 8a stays organized.

So, next time someone asks to borrow your phone, don’t worry about them snooping around. Just switch to their profile, and they can have their own little corner of your Pixel 8a without seeing any of your stuff. It’s a win-win for everyone!

12. Google’s AI-Based Call Screening

ired of telemarketers and spam calls interrupting your day? Your Pixel 8a has a clever solution: Google’s AI-Based Call Screening. Think of it as your own personal assistant, ready to take on those annoying calls for you.

Here’s how it works: when a call comes in from a number you don’t recognize, Google Assistant can answer it for you. The caller will hear a message explaining that you’re using a screening service, and they’ll be asked to say their name and reason for calling.

Meanwhile, you’ll see a transcript of the conversation on your screen in real-time. You can then decide whether to take the call, send it to voicemail, or block the number altogether. It’s like having a superpower that lets you see who’s calling before you answer!

To turn on Call Screening, open your Phone app, tap the three dots in the top right corner, then go to “Settings” and tap “Spam and Call Screen.” From there, you can customize how Call Screening works for you.

With Google’s AI-Based Call Screening, you’ll have more control over who you talk to and when. Say goodbye to those unwanted interruptions and hello to a more peaceful phone experience!

13. Car Crash Detection

The Car Crash Detection feature is a built-in safety net for Pixel 8a users. It’s like having an emergency response system right in your pocket.

When the phone detects a significant impact (such as a car crash), it springs into action. It considers factors like location, motion sensors, and ambient sounds.

How It Works

If you’re conscious and able to respond, the Pixel prompts you with options:

  • Call 911: You can directly call emergency services.
  • Automated Assistance: If you’re unable to respond, the Pixel takes charge:
    • It automatically contacts emergency services, providing them with your precise location.
    • This can be a game-changer in situations where you might be disoriented or incapacitated.

Remember to enable this feature in the Personal Safety app for added peace of mind during your travels. Stay safe out there! 

Enable Scheduled Dark Mode on Pixel phones

14. Scheduled Dark Mode

Ever find yourself squinting at your phone screen in the evening or struggling to fall asleep after scrolling through social media? Your Pixel 8a has a solution for that: Dark Mode.

Dark Mode switches your phone’s colors from bright white to darker shades, making it easier on your eyes, especially in low-light conditions. But the best part is, you can schedule it to turn on automatically!

Just go to “Settings,” then “Display,” and tap “Dark theme.” From there, you can choose to have Dark Mode turn on at a specific time, from sunset to sunrise, or even when you turn on Bedtime mode.

So, if you’re someone who uses their phone late at night, scheduling Dark Mode is a great way to reduce eye strain and potentially even improve your sleep. Plus, it gives your phone a sleek new look!

Give it a try and see how it feels. Your eyes will thank you for it!

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15. Battery Optimization

We all know that feeling when our phone battery starts to dwindle, and we scramble to find a charger. But with a few simple tweaks, you can stretch your Pixel 8a’s battery life and keep it running longer.

First, take a look at your screen brightness. The brighter your screen, the more battery it uses. So, try dimming it a bit, especially when you’re indoors or in low-light conditions. You can also turn on “Adaptive Brightness,” which automatically adjusts your screen brightness based on your surroundings.

Next, check which apps are using the most battery. Go to “Settings,” then “Battery,” and you’ll see a list of apps and how much power they’re using. If you see any apps that are using a lot of battery even when you’re not using them, consider restricting their background activity or uninstalling them altogether.

Your Pixel 8a also has a built-in “Battery Saver” mode. This mode limits background activity, location services, and other features to help your battery last longer. You can turn it on manually whenever you need it, or set it to turn on automatically when your battery reaches a certain level.

By following these tips, you can keep your Pixel 8a powered up throughout the day, even with heavy use. And remember, a little battery optimization goes a long way!

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