Tired of the elections? Do this and you will not receive advertising from any party in your mailbox

Last weekend the electoral campaign that had been accompanying us in recent weeks and that filled our mailbox with electoral propaganda that very few people read. If it had not been enough, last Monday Pedro Sánchez announced the advancement of the general elections scheduled for the end of the year, for which, once again, our mailbox will suffer the consequences.

It will suffer the consequences unless we prevent it. All electoral parties have access to the census to send electoral advertising to all citizens of voting age. Since we cannot unsubscribe from the census, at first it might be assumed that there is no method to avoid receiving these shipments. However, it is not so. Just as there is the Robinson list to not receive advertising or calls (although it has been shown to be absolutely useless), we also have the option of not receiving electoral advertising.

If we want to avoid receiving electoral propaganda for the next general elections to be held on July 23, a time of the year in which many citizens will be enjoying their holidays and prevent the friends of others see our mailbox overflowing, implying that we are on vacation, we must access the website of the National Institute of Statistics to unsubscribe.

How to avoid receiving electoral propaganda

Within the website of the National Institute of Statistics, we must access the section that allows us to exclude our name from the lists to which all the political parties that will incur in the next elections have access, a section that we can access through this link.

The first thing we must take into account is that this process is limited in time, so we must carry it out before a certain period, which, in this particular case, is limited to 13 days after the call for the electoral process, so we only have a term until June 11 to avoid receiving electoral publicity.

Avoid receiving electoral propaganda

To make this request, the first requirement is to be registered in any census of any Spanish population. And the second, using an electronic certificate or through the Cl@ve system. To start the process, we must click on the Access with Cl@ve/Certificate button located in the upper right part of the web and identify them using the method available to us.

Next, a website will be displayed with our name, surname, ID and date of birth. In section Appearance in copies for matches, click on the drop-down box that shows INCLUDED by default to select the EXCLUDED option. As of this moment, our census data will not be provided to any political party in any of the electoral processes that are held in the future.

If we try to carry out this process after the deadline, that is, when more than 13 days have elapsed since the official date of calling for elections, we will not be able to carry out the process, so if you are clear that you do not want the mailbox to fill up of papers that go directly to recycling, do not delay in doing so.

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