Today: Teams helps in medicine, looks at the first virus in history and updates Firefox

One of the most feared elements for a long time in everything related to technology, are the malicious codes, virus or malware. In addition, over the years they do not stop improving and becoming more dangerous.

One of the main objectives of these malicious codes that we are commenting on is, in some way, to gain control of our computer, even in a hidden way. This will allow attackers to have access to our stored personal data, among many other things. But while these elements are highly dangerous today, like almost everything, viruses also have a past, as we are going to show you.

50 ago the first virus was launched online

We tell you all this for a very specific reason. And it is that on a day like today, November 2 but in the year 1971, a computer specialist named Robert H. Thomas launched Creeper, the first virus through Internet. Specifically, this was carried out through the then known ARPANET. It must be taken into account that this malicious code that was sent at that moment did not have the harmful objectives that viruses have today.

This contained a message that we show you below:

I'm the creeper: catch me if you can

Therefore, the only thing that this first virus in history did was copy itself through the ARPANET between different computers.

This spectacular use of Teams will revolutionize medicine

In the age of COVID-19 There has been a rapid evolution of telemedicine, as some of you have surely experienced. This has reduced for many people having to take time off work or travel to see the doctor. Well, all this has also been possible through the Microsoft Teams platform. And it is that Dr. Samuel Browd has carried out an operation looking through a microscope and transmitting all this to Australian surgeons through this online service.

Therefore, and thanks to new technologies, for some time now they began to experiment with remote medicine through the use of Teams. Now a surgical video has been broadcast live with the virtual presence of people thousands of miles away. In addition, these face-to-face physicians had the opportunity to interact in the surgery through tips and advice.

Add a touch of color to the browser with the new Firefox

As is usually the case on a regular basis, Mozilla has just updated one of its main products, we refer to Firefox 94. It should be noted that this new version of the program is packed with some interesting news where we will highlight the function called Colorways. This allows users to select one of six color palettes to use in the browser and give the program a much more eye-catching look.

These new palettes can be selected from the theme customization page where we find all the available ones with the possibility of activating them.

firefox colors

Keep in mind that these color palettes deactivate the active theme, although we can return to it whenever we want. In turn, this new version of Mozilla’s browser brings some functions related to the security, and more.

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