Tor Browser makes it easy for victims of censorship

Tor Browser 11.5 is the new major version of the web browser that puts privacy protection before everything else and continues to do so, with a truly standout release for those looking for the highest level of protection possible, but not too keen on app settings .

It was in its version last year, Tor 10.5, that the developers of the project began to introduce options focused on avoiding the censorship of the Tor network that certain states apply. However, the correct configuration process is a bit more complicated than desirable. And it is that the desirable thing is that anyone can use Tor Browser, regardless of their knowledge.

So Tor Browser 11.5 gets into this particular with ConnectionAssist (or the connection assistant, although one of the maxims of Tor Browser is that the user uses the browser in English, since it is more difficult to track it that way), a connection assistant, as its name suggests, that smoothes the task for those who they need it. As it does?

As explained in the official announcement, Connection Assist works by searching and downloading an up-to-date list of country-specific options that help bypass the restrictions on the use of the Tor network; “a new feature that, when needed, will offer to automatically apply the bridging settings we think will work best for you in your location.”

Of course, it will be necessary to accept that the browser uses the location, but there is a constant that is repeated, and that is that if you want everything done, you have to give up something. In the case of Tor Browser, however, it is assumed that you already trust it.

Connection Assist reaches its first stable version, 1.0, with this release, but as you remember, this is only the beginning of the road. For more information, the extensive presentation article linked above, in which the rest of the news is also thoroughly explained.

News such as the network preferences redesignanother bone for newcomers that is intended to simplify as much as possible, although this is still the most complicated way and, therefore, the most complete and effective, as long as you know what you are doing.

Finally, Tor Browser 11.5 works with mode HTTPS-Only by default. In this case, the dependence on the HTTPS-Everywhere extension is removed from the equation, origin of the way that has already been integrated as one of the browser’s features and that consists, as it is implied, in forcing the encrypted connection to the sites. that they visit

Tor Browser 11.5 is based on Firefox 91.11 ESR, it is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and if you want to check it out, just download it. By the way: it’s also for Android, although the developers acknowledge that in terms of functions it’s still far behind the PC version and in that, among other goals, they’re going to set for future releases.

In another order of things, it is worth mentioning that Congestion Control has begun to be implemented and it is one of the decisive improvements for, if not popularizing, then expanding the use of an application that is unique in its kind and with as many pros as cons.

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