This new threat affects Spain and steals your data without knowing it

MaliBot, the malware that affects Spain

This new malware mainly targets online banking customers. This is something that is really very present today. It is common to have bank applications on the mobile, make payments from the phone itself, purchases, etc. This Trojan is known as MaliBot and has many different functions.

It is capable of stealing credentials, cookies, bypassing two-step authentication codes, or exploiting the Android accessibility service in order to control the victim’s screen. This allows you to have virtual control of the device and collect all kinds of data personal, passwords, etc.

How does this threat arrive? It mainly hides in a so-called legitimate application. The victim installs that program, but is actually inserting a malware on the device. For example, it is often disguised as an application to mine cryptocurrencies, something quite widespread in recent times.

But in addition to this, it is also capable of access phone contacts. In this way, you can use Smishing to continue spreading this malware through SMS that you send to those contacts. Those messages will basically contain links that lead to the download of this malware.

MaliBot is using several Spanish banks to defraud the victim, such as Santander and CaixaBank. It is designed to steal two-factor authentication codes, in addition to leaking personal information. It is a type of threat that, according to security researchers, is very versatile and can be used to steal all kinds of information.

How to avoid this problem

So how can we avoid MaliBot and other similar threats? Undoubtedly the most important is the common sense. You must at all times control what programs you are going to install, where you are going to download them from, what you need them for, etc. A very common method of sneaking malware of this type is precisely through applications downloaded from unofficial sources.

It is also convenient to have All updated correctly. This will prevent an attacker from exploiting a vulnerability. If there is a fault in the device, it could be the entry point for malware to sneak in. Therefore, always keep the latest version installed and everything correctly updated.

Likewise, one more piece of advice that is also important is to have some security program. A good antivirus will help protect the security of the mobile. In case you accidentally download malware, it might automatically detect and remove it.

In short, these tips can help you avoid the MaliBot threat that affects the Spanish. Always protect your mobile, avoid downloading applications from unsafe sites and do not make typical mistakes. Especially the work mobile can be dangerous.

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