Troll your friends with this WhatsApp feature that hardly anyone uses

WhatsApp is the most widely used tool in almost the entire world (in the United States, the Middle East and China it barely has a presence) considered in some countries as a necessary tool for day-to-day life, such as Brazil. The number of functions that WhatsApp makes available to us is very limited Compared to Telegram, however, it offers us a feature that very few users know about and that allows us to troll friends.

Telegram allows you to add bots to automate certain tasks, obtain information, perform searches and others, and it automatically takes care of trimming messages when they are very long so that they do not take up more space than necessary by adding the label Read more. Clicking on it will display the full message.

WhatsApp offers the same functionality, however, it also allows us to use a trick to shorten messages manually, an ideal function to avoid doing spoilers in groups and that we can also use to troll our friends.

Hide your WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp groups are, for certain people, the worst thing that has been invented along with audio messages from this same platform. When we least expect it, any of the WhatsApp groups can suddenly become active and start displaying non-stop text messages for many minutes or even hours, depending on the free time of the components.

The WhatsApp function that allows us shorten and hide messages that we send through this messaging platform is ideal for trolling our friends, although, obviously, we can also use it to share information about the series, book, movie or game that we want to talk about but that not everyone is willing to share. know.

To make use of this function, we must visit this link to a GitHub page where we must copy the text that we want to share using this function. The text that is generated, as well as including the command [spoiler] at the beginning, also includes a non-visible character used by WhatsApp to hide the entire message. The result of the message once shared through WhatsApp shows us the Read more label and clicking on it will display the entire message.

whatsapp hide messages

If we do not want to visit this web page every time we want to troll our friends by hiding information, we can copy the text that is shown preceded by the word [SPOILER] in a text file and modify only the text when we want to use this function.

We can use this trick directly from the web version of WhatsApp, through the Windows application and even also using the application available for both iOS and Android. This function has no relationship with the temporary messages that we can send through this platform.

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