Trustmaster launches its first PS5 steering wheel with real force system

We are not going to talk about the brand itself because it is already well known in the world of racing simulations, but the truth is that once again Thrustmaster surprises gamers who love car racing. Your new steering wheel comes with some very high claims that are sure to make your “hype” skyrocket, but what’s new?

Thrustmaster T-GT II, ​​a new level of steering wheel and pedals for gaming


As we say, it has been 23,000 hours of work and study to launch this new T-GT II after four years of development. The brand ensures that the level of precision and durability are in another league, among other things because they have developed new systems for this steering wheel, such as T-DCC (Drift Curve Calculation) or T-RTF (Real Time Force feedback) as well as certified internal components AEC-Q.

As professional SIM Racing players will know, controlling the skidding of the car is a complicated task depending on which curves or circuits, where the balance of the car with the passage of laps becomes nervous due to tire wear. Therefore, the technology T-DCC allows the calculation of drift in a curve in real time so that we can maintain the response of the steering wheel and the car in any circumstance, making it more real and with more feeling.

The objective is to make more precise movements that allow us to control the lack of grip in each curve and thereby reduce the roll or slip of the car more than desired.

Real Time Force Feedback (T-RTF) and say goodbye to lag in your games


This technology is going to be in charge of producing the fastest possible response of the steering wheel and the pedals to the game. When you are racing for every tenth of a second per lap, you cannot lose milliseconds in response times, because that leads to a general entry lag that turns into a higher reaction time with each game.

With T-RTF Thrustmaster has integrated a processor in this T-GT II to achieve the best response time on the market and thus make the driving more realistic, reliable and more direct compared to other wheels. This technology is not exclusive to one platform, so it will be available on PS5 and PC.

As for the pedals, we are talking about a new spring system for the brake, with more precision, feel and durability, as well as premium materials taken directly from the European automotive industry. We cannot forget about the patented brushless motor system of Thrustmaster T-40VE that guarantees a data precision between 30 Hz and 100 Hz, avoiding the loss of information in the position of the steering wheel or pedals.


As if that were not enough, this T-GT II integrates the real force system T-LIN, technology TF-OC to alleviate power drops in the engine, T-MCE To maintain its linearity and dynamics, T-TURBO power supply to deliver between the two components up to 400 watts and more.

The official price for this T-GT II with serbo base, wheel and pedals is 749.99 euros and the launch will occur depending on the geographical area in which we are:

– Europe (excluding Switzerland and Ukraine): June 23, 2021
– United Kingdom: September 1, 2021
– North America (United States and Canada): October 5, 2021
– Rest of the world: end of 2021

In addition to this, Thrustmaster will let us choose the configuration that best suits our needs. And it is that the T-GT II Pack edition (base servo + wheel) will cost 649.99 euros, while the servo base-only edition will be offered for 449.99 euros with same delivery dates.

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