Twitter wants to launch its “Close Friends” feature, what does it change?

The blue bird social network is currently working on the launch of a long-awaited feature. What does this actually change?

Like Instagram and Facebook before it, Twitter has been working on the feature for several months now. “Close friends”. An option still in the development phase, but which would allow users to control their online image a little more, by establishing a list of close contacts, with whom they wish to have a privileged link. Fairly quiet so far, it looks like the feature is finally taking shape. At least that’s what Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile developer often well informed on this type of subject, suggests.


Specifically, the functionality Close friends of Twitter will allow you to establish a list of followers (150 maximum), who will join your “Flock”. As with the principle of Close Friends on Instagram, only members present on the list will have access to certain tweets previously defined. They will also be the only ones who can answer it. By sending a message to your Flock, the users concerned will be able to read: “You can see this Tweet because the author added you to their Flock”.

Obviously, the list will be modifiable at any time. People removed from the Flock will not receive any notification to let them know. For Twitter, it will above all be a question of offering its users more control over their digital identity. Remember that for several years now, even before the departure of Jack Dorsey, the social network has innovated to allow Internet users to compartmentalize their online life, according to their centers of interest or their audience.

Compartmentalize your online life

The company had notably mentioned the idea of ​​adding several profiles to the same user account, in particular in order to differentiate professional interactions from personal exchanges. A little later, the platform also launched communities, private or public groups linked to areas of interest, where Internet users could send messages accessible only to members.

A way for Twitter to strengthen the security and confidentiality of exchanges passing through its platform, a spokesperson said: “Twitter is always working on new ways to help people engage in healthy conversations, and we’re currently exploring ways to allow people to share more privately”.

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