Up to date: Twitch on strike, participate in LibreOffice conference and more

At the same time and following the most current technology, who is not attentive to the latest movements of Microsoft with the new Windows 11. We tell you all this because many of these proposals are protagonists almost constantly in the day-to-day of technology and its current situation. For example, this is the case that we are going to talk about right now about the aforementioned platform Twitch.

This is how Twitch wants to end unwanted broadcasts

At the moment many of the main content creators of the platform that we mentioned have gone on strike. To say that this is a strike that has spread internationally and with which these creators want to end the unacceptable, undesirable and hate broadcasts that are carried out on the platform.

And it is that this type of use is spreading more and more by Twitch, something with which we want to end one way or another. This movement can be considered extremely important, especially if we take into account that this is the most used platform to broadcast and watch streaming content in the world. However, it does not want to widen those content creators who support hatred and misuse of this service.

Windows 11 blends seamlessly with your Android phone

As the weeks go by, little by little we get to know everything that the new Windows 11 will bring by the hand, both its positive and negative aspects. Fortunately most of it belongs to the first of the categories, although the new system is creating some controversy among multitudes of users. One of the main reasons for all this is the minimum requirements that Microsoft is requiring computers to run Windows 11.

However, many other users who have already been able to try this software assure that its operation and external appearance is more than attractive. In addition, to all this we can add that the Your Phone app it will work great on the new operating system. In fact, it is more than ready to work together and synchronize with the latest terminals launched on the market.

Are you a LibreOffice User? This interests you

In the event that you are a regular user of the LibreOffice productivity suite, you may be interested to know that the LibreOffice conference It will open on September 23. In turn, it will close on September 25 and to attend it virtually we only have to fill out the form from this link.

Registration will allow us to manage the conference sessions, which we can attend from here. And it is that more and more lovers of free and open source software are. In addition, those with some knowledge in application development can collaborate on their favorite projects and thus improve them as much as possible.

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