Uptodown’s technological secret: a flexible and scalable infrastructure

Marketplaces are winning the ecommerce battle. These platforms where we can find other companies selling their products are like large shopping malls on the Internet. For consumers, they present the advantage that on the same website they can find everything they need.

That marketplace idea is what started Uptodownbut focused on universe of Android mobile apps. This company from Malaga, which already has more than 20 years in the technology sectorhas always been clear about its goal: to facilitate interactions and relationships between developers and users to promote the free download of mobile applications and games around the world.

And go if he has succeeded, since it is about the most used tool in Spanish-speaking countries to get apps with Android operating system. In turn, it is also very popular in other territories such as Brazil and India.

The Digital Markets Law, a new opportunity to continue growing

Added to its successful track record and experience is now a legislative change that will serve to strengthen Uptodown’s growth. The new Digital Markets Law approved by the European Parliament It will allow mobile devices sold in the mainland to choose the service provider for apps and games freely. So, giants like Google and Apple will not be able to discriminate against third-party marketplaces.

The objective of this company is, therefore, to consolidate itself as a firm alternative in the Android ecosystem against Google. Part of this work has already been accomplished, it is currently the first 100% European mobile app store.

Have the best professionals

Uptodown occupies a relevant position in the sector for many different reasons. The first is that he was always very clear that he wanted create an open and plural mobile ecosystem. This has led him to trust professionals with a high technical capacity.

The result is the creation of your own technological solutions. In this sense, instead of hiring specialized servers to meet their needs, they launched their own resources using AMD dedicated servers that can be squeezed to the maximum with the right knowledge.

The company from Malaga has used all its experience and know-how to control the IT infrastructure to the millimeter. They have created a powerful infrastructure, sure, but its use is very precise and efficient.

The choice of the provider for this infrastructure is a key decision in the business, since we are talking about providing support to more than a million files worldwide. This amount far exceeds 100 PB of traffic each year.. Given this scenario, Uptodown looked for an external partner capable of offering them cloud services to cover all their demand.

OVHcloud, an inseparable partner of Uptodown

The perfect partner for Uptodown is OVHcloud for more than 10 years. Also of European origin, this cloud solutions provider offers transparent rates and no hidden costswhich guarantees an extra degree of confidence.

Pepe Domínguez is the co-founder and current CTO of Uptodown. In recent statements, the company leader stated that the change to the new infrastructure has served to reduce the price of this service to a fifth. All of this is possible, in part, thanks to vRack, an OVHcloud private interconnection feature that makes traffic between servers within the infrastructure itself free of charge.

With that, different devices can freely move data between the different machines in the infrastructure without generating extra charges, even if they are located on different continents. Added to this is flexibility, that is, the possibilities to scale according to the needs of the workloads. Uptodown’s technical capacity to develop and maintain the structure allows business decisions are now faster in their implementation.

Huge ease to deploy new servers

Only a few hours is what Uptodown takes to deploy new servers thanks to the intermediation of OVHcloud. In addition, the contracting conditions make it possible Activate and deactivate services according to your needs, adapting consumption to each case.

Uptodown’s previous provider offered services with very high permanence that ended up becoming obsolete over time. The company from Malaga chose OVHcloud for its ability to offer optimal performance and a very competitive price, specifically in its bare metal servers based on AMD processors. With them you can get exceptional processing power.

Unlike cloud technology, in a bare metal server there is no virtualization layer that consumes resources. For this reason it they can take full advantage of the physical resources of the machine to improve performance.

AMD EPYC CPUs combine versatility, power and stability to adapt well to most uses, even in high-demand tasks such as the use of AI or big data. They are high-performance dedicated servers ideal for hosting gaming platforms, such as those that allow games to be offered on private servers.

Uptodown is also helped by the OVHcloud Public Cloud solutions to cope with load peaks and times of high demand, so they only use and pay for these instances when they receive requests. In short, maximum performance at the best price.

A secure and highly available service worldwide

Likewise, Uptodown has a multi-local structure that is essential in the internationalization process. This company has grown a lot in Latin American and Asian markets. OVHcloud’s presence on four continents makes it possible for the marketplace to implement a multidatacenter architecture with hosting in three physical locations (Singapore, France and Canada).

With this network spread all over the world, the company is closer to its public and can offer customers a robust and highly available service. And it is not an easy mission to ensure this to more than 100 million users per month.

Along with all this, Uptodown can also know at all times where its servers are hosted and guarantee data protection imposed by the GDPR, with improved traceability. OVHcloud’s last great task is to help the company comply with regulatory and security standards to keep its users’ data safe.

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