Use Clockology to have thousands of faces on Apple Watch


Whenever we buy a new device, we want to customize it as much as possible to our likingso that it is not just another device, but rather “our” iPhone, iPad, or as the case may be, our Apple Watch.

With each passing day we have a greater need to personalize our devices, give them our touch, and this indisputably applies to our Apple Watch. Personalization is not only limited to changing the watch strap according to our daily outfit, but also includes the possibility of modifying and customizing the watch faces, transforming it into something that resembles a beefy G-Shock or a sophisticated Rolex watch, without having to spend a fortune to make it possible.

We have several customization alternatives for our Apple Watch, either by taking advantage of the native options provided by Apple, which include preconfigured faces on the watchor a wide variety of straps, or using third-party accessories, or as the case may be, third-party applications to customize our watch through the spheres.

And at this point, how could it be otherwise, it’s time to talk about the outstanding personalization application for our watch, which is none other than Clockology, which offers a surprisingly high level of customization for all Apple Watch models.

Take the personalization of your Apple Watch to another level

This application even allows us to design personalized spheres that adapt to our preferences and needs. You can even adjust the watch faces to match the strap or outfit you are wearing for each occasion, or even for the task or exercise you are performing at a particular time of day. This gives you the opportunity to wear an Apple Watch that simulates, as I said before, a retro Casio model, or a robust one like a G-shock, all without shelling out the corresponding money.

Despite the numerous possibilities that the Clockology application offers, it is true that sometimes its use can be somewhat difficult. Therefore, in today’s article, I will provide you a step by step guide on how to use it correctly and make the most of its features.

Clockology (App Store Link)

How to properly use Clockology

apple watch

Correctly configuring the application will allow us to access a wide variety of spheres. Follow these steps!

  • First head over to the iPhone App Store and download the Clockology app which is free. It is important to mention that Apple sometimes temporarily removes this application from its catalogso it is possible that at the time of reading this article it is not available in the app store.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to get the content from Watch Faces, since it is necessary to install certain faces on your Apple watch. The steps to do it are quite easy and are also indicated in the application itself.
  • Next, save the downloaded content to your iPhone, in the Clockology folder, which should be located in the Files on your device.
  • Now, on your iPhone, open the Clockology app and navigate to the screen where the option appears. “Enable Beta Clock”. Meanwhile, on your Apple Watch, locate the Clockology app and open it. Once the app is open on your watch, tap the option “Enable Beta Clock” on your iPhone and the synchronization will take place automatically.
  • On your iPhone, find the folder Watch Faces that you downloaded in the previous step and select the face that appeals to you the most for your Apple Watch. Inside this folder, you’ll find a wide range of dials, from those resembling Rolex or Casio, to faces inspired by movies or cartoons.
  • Once you have chosen the sphere that best suits your style, long press on it. A drop-down menu will open offering you the option Watch Sync. Click on this option and then press “Synchronization” in the popup window. The selected face will be automatically transferred to your Apple Watch.

Explore endless new spheres in Clockology:

In addition to the options already mentioned, you can discover a wide variety of new spheres every day in numerous Clockology groups on platforms like Telegram and Facebook. Here is some information about the two groups that I personally find most interesting:

  • Telegram group “Watch Faces”: Link
  • Facebook group “Watch Faces”: Link

These groups will not only give you the opportunity to learn how to get the most out of this app, but also to find spheres that suit your device customization tastes. Thus, you can simulate wearing another watch on your wrist or even have a sphere with a cartoon design, like the Simpsons as wallpaper, it all depends on taste.


It is possible that you consider that the Clockology configuration process is a bit complicated, but I hope that with this article on how to use Clockology to have thousands of spheres on the Apple Watch, it has helped you and you have been able to install it successfully and you can take advantage of it. .

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