Valve confirms dates for upcoming Steam deals

It seems that it has already become a custom, and that is that Valve has once again confirmed the official dates of the next seasons of Steam offers, and it has not been limited to the closest, but in total has finalized the dates of the next three seasons, that is, the autumn, the winter and the spring. Interestingly, he has not given details about the campaign for the Chinese lunar new year, but we know that it will take place between the end of January or the beginning of February.

Taking a look at the dates we have we find that the Fall Steam sales will kick off on November 22, and will end on the 29th of said month. The next campaign will be the winter one, with a duration from December 22 to January 5, a true classic that will liven up our Christmas, and that will make it easier for us to give, and give ourselves, our favorite games. Finally we have the spring campaign, which will start on March 16, 2023 and will end on the 23rd of said month.

According to Valve, adding a sales season in the spring was a success because has been very well received by both gamers and the developer community. However, the Lunar New Year sales season has received mixed reviews, because it’s too close to the end of the holiday season.

I remind you that last year Valve chose to also celebrate a tspecial season of sales focused on Halloween, and that it only lasted from October 28 to November 1. Perhaps this year the company will repeat that strategy and we will see a new season of Steam offers focused on horror games, the theme of these parties. not confirmed but This season has been with us for years, so we can take it almost for granted.

Steam offers continue to be one of the most beloved and important promotions in the world of PC gaming, although it is true that over time they have lost some momentum due to routine and continuity. Valve does what it can to try to give them a breath of fresh air every year, but I still think that flash deals should be backthat is, those that allowed us to get specific games at much lower prices, although they were only active for a few hours.

I understand that Valve chose to remove these offers because, in the end, not everyone could be aware of them. It was a way of “democratize offers”, but I think it could have been done in another way, without completely eliminating them, don’t you agree with me?

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