Valve registers trademarks related to Counter-Strike 2

counter strike 2 has shown signs of life in recent times, and it is Valve itself that is apparently beginning to confirm things through the registration of two brands, so everything seems to indicate that the well-known online shooter It will have a sequel, although this one, very possibly, will be less revolutionary than what the two in the name of the title might imply.

The first trademark allows Valve to use the name CS2 (referring to Counter-Strike 2) in connection with products such as computer game software, electronic game software, video game software, and computer game programs downloadable over the Internet . The second trademark allows the company to use the CS2 name across a broader range of entertainment services, which don’t have to be video games.

On the other hand, A lot of activity has been detected on SteamDB coming from Valve in relation to updates for Counter-Strike, which indicates that the person in charge of Steam is focused on the development and subsequent publication of content. On the other hand, although at the same address, a Twitter user named aquarius has seen several updates on the backend from the official Counter-Strike websitewhich may be an indication that Valve is preparing a big announcement that would be published on the official blog.

Counter-Strike Dust

In short, everything seems to indicate that Counter-Strike 2 is on the way. Which everyone takes for granted is the presence of the Source 2 enginewhich was already used in Half-Life: Alyx and we’ll see if it doesn’t exaggerately raise the system requirements, since the current reference title, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is quite affordable due to the use of the Source 1 engine. , which although it may not seem like it, has been in existence for nearly two decades.

Another aspect to take into account is the more than likely presence of the classic maps, among them the well-known Dust 2, which many years after its introduction is still extremely popular among Counter-Strike players. In other words, Counter-Strike 2 smells more like evolution than revolution, and it is that Valve has to make a move if it wants to maintain interest in one of the most popular online video games and in one of the strongest rivals that Fortnite has. Epic Games.

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