Very soon you will be able to install an 8 TB SSD in the PS5

The console capacity of the current generation is something that has always been on everyone’s lips, and not exactly in good terms. The barely 825 GB that is available on the Xbox Series Fortunately, the update that arrives today for PS5 will allow you to install Higher capacity SSD.

Of the 825 GB capacity of the PS5’s internal SSD, only 664 GB is available to store games. And of course, today’s triple A games already exceed 100 GB, so users are forced to delete games in order to install others. Fortunately, installing an additional SSD in the PS5 is quite simple, but until now their capacity was also limited.

Up to 8TB capacity on the PS5’s additional SSD

To install an additional SSD in the PS5, you just have to remove the outer cover and you already have direct access to the M.2 socket, so it won’t take more than a couple of minutes for an experienced person to do it. The only requirement is that it cannot have a large heatsink due to the limited cloistered space that Sony has left, and depending on the manufacturer, it must have a certain level of performance, no more and no less. Oh, and until now SSDs with more than 2 TB capacity could not be installed.

The new update, which has been detailed today on the official PlayStation blog, talks about the arrival of features that were already seen in the latest beta firmware for the console, such as being able to use a second DualSense controller, new 3D audio options with Dolby Atmos compatible devices, and support for units M.2 SSD up to 8TB of capacity, news that will be well received by Sony console fans since this will allow the number of games that can be saved in memory to be multiplied by four.

This software update for PS5 also finally introduces PS Remote Play compatibility with additional Android devices, such as the Google Chromecast (4K model), something that will be great to be able to play the PS5 on different TVs in your home without having to move the console around. It is expected that at the end of this month of September, the company will begin to deploy an update for the PS App (in this case for Android and iOS) with new functions.

It seems that Sony is working quite hard in terms of adding new features to its console, now that it is about to turn three years old. Will it be the preamble to pave the way for the rumored PS5 Pro? Of course it is quite probable, because you already know that as the saying goes, when the river sounds, it carries water. With the Tokyon Game Show just around the corner, it is quite likely that it will not take us long to clear up doubts.

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