Vistaprint acquires Crello and launches Vista to bet on comprehensive design services

Vistaprint, just announced the launch of its new matrix, Vista. The brand is facing a defining moment as the new platform will bring together VistaPrint, Vista 99designs, Vista x Wix and the most recent acquisition of the company, which includes Crello.

Crello, now rebranded by Vista as VistaCreate, offers a platform that enables small businesses to easily bring their digital and social media design to life, regardless of their design experience.

“We have been helping small companies to feel and transmit credibility for more than 20 years, and as their needs have changed, we have evolved with them”, stated Robert Keane, founder and CEO of Vista and its parent company Cimpress. “We are pleased to announce our new Vista parent brand, reflecting our ongoing transformation into the expert design and marketing partner for small businesses around the world. The launch of VistaCreate is a fundamental part of this new phase, as it allows small businesses to access a first-class creative design solution for their social networks.».

Over the past two years, Vista has undertaken a variety of strategic initiatives and major investments to address the changing needs of small business owners and drive customer value. The pandemic has changed everything for small businesses and has made it more important than ever to have comprehensive solutions that support them online, in their physical store, on the go, and at any point in their business journey. Research by Vista shows that 82% of small business marketing needs now encompass printing, design and digital services.

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In October 2020, Vista acquired 99designs to provide small businesses with access to world-class designers who can create the perfect logo, website or packaging for their business and much more. In August this year, Vista announced its partnership with Wix, the leading cloud-based web development platform, with the goal of driving the creation and management of Vista x Wix websites and other related digital solutions for small businesses.

Depositphotos Purchase

As part of the acquisition, Vista has also acquired Depositphotos, a stock marketplace with over 200 million royalty-free images, videos and music options for stunning designs. Depositphotos is a platform for the creative community with over 100,000 content contributors.

Vadim Nekhai, Vice President of VistaCreate and Depositphotos, stated: “Over twenty years ago, VistaPrint invented its online publishing and design tools for printed marketing materials with the goal of enabling small businesses to create attractive designs without having to learn complex software. VistaCreate brings the same degree of simplicity to social media and other forms of digital design, and Depositphotos provides a vast library of high-quality images, videos, and music. We look forward to being part of the Vista team and continuing to innovate together to help small businesses project a professional image both in person and online. “.

Nekhai, former Depositphotos CEO, has joined the Vista team and will continue to lead VistaCreate and Depositphotos under the supervision of Vista Executive Vice President and President Florian Baumgartner.

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