What happens if your MacBook does not update?

If a MacBook won’t update, it still works

Any MacBook that no longer receives new versions of macOS will continue to work with everything we were already using to date. From Apple services to third-party applications, including the functionalities of the operating system itself and its interaction with other devices.

When we stop receiving new system versions, this implies that we are going to be left out of what is to come. But everything that we already have in use is not going to disappear, nor is it going to be cut. Especially when it comes to models that, this year, for the first time will no longer receive new versions of macOS, as is the case with the 2017 MacBook Pro.

At no time is a MacBook that is no longer being updated immediately considered obsolete. The necessary requirement for this condition to be fulfilled is that, after it has ceased to be sold on the market, seven years or more have passed. Therefore, the MacBooks that have the most obsolete numbers, as of 2023, are those that stopped being sold in 2016.

vintage macbook pro 13 retina

We will be able to continue using the applications we have

The issue of third-party applications is often somewhat confusing in certain situations. And, there are two factors that play against Macs that are no longer updated:

  • Developers stopping support to older versions of macOS
  • When Apple itself is the one who decides in which models we are going to stop having compatibility with certain functions

At first, we can almost always use previous versions of applications, if we are on very old versions of macOS. And in the latest generations of MacBooks, since there is no architecture transition (as happened with Catalina, which prevented 32-bit apps from working on 64-bit processors), Apple’s own screening will not affect it, as it could. get to do it in due time.

app store applications

In the same way that it happens with the apps, we will continue to have full access to the App Store and we will be able to continue downloading new applications, as well as those that we already have purchased and associated with our account. And we would only lose compatibility in the event that the developers decided so with their apps.

Services and interaction with other devices will be maintained

The latest versions of macOS have led to much greater feedback, among all the company’s products. However, even if a MacBook no longer receives the latest version of macOS Sonoma, this does not indicate, at any time, that functions such as Handoff or Continuity stop working.

In the same way that the interaction through iCloud is maintained, we can continue to use Finder to synchronize our iPhone, and applications such as Image Capture, to make a backup copy of the photos and videos of the iPhone.

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