What is a fast Internet connection and why does it matter? Three things you should know

Having a fast Internet connection is essential for most of us, especially for those of us who use it as a work tool, but have you ever stopped to think about what really defines a connection of this type? say, what is a fast internet connection? It’s a good question, and the truth is that the answer is “it depends”.

If we start from a general basis and settle for a broad assessment, we can say that an Internet connection it is fast from 100 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload speed. We already explained to you at the time what download speed and upload speed are, and we also saw their differences and why they are important, so if you have any doubts, I invite you to review this article.

Returning to the concept of fast Internet connection, that level that we have considered as fast in a general way may be insufficient or even “slow” for certain user profiles, and this is where the importance of the personal needs of each one comes into play, and the fact that in the end it is essential to start from a more specific base to better refine concepts and assessments.


The speed of your Internet connection will have to meet your needs

That is the main key of this entire article, and it is the first thing you should be clear about. In my case, for example, that I need to carry out very heavy downloads and that I usually stream 4K content simultaneously on several devices, a 100 Mbps Internet connection is too small for me. As those of you who read us daily know I use a connection of 900 Mbps down and 800 Mbps upfigures that allow me to carry out heavy downloads in seconds, and upload files very quickly.

The time is gold, and having a fast Internet connection is essential precisely for this reason, because it allows us to do things faster, reduces waiting times and in the end it can save us a lot of time. I know what you are thinking, that we can leave the PC downloading or uploading things, but not all of us can afford to wait several hours, and sometimes projects or things that have to be done come up on the spot, and our Internet connection must be at the height. This is the second key that you must have clear, a fast Internet connection it will save you a lot of time.

Lastly, a fast Internet connection also matters because it will allow you to be more productive and more versatile. Continuing with the previous example, imagine that you have to download a game that weighs 100 GB to start testing it as soon as possible. With a fast connection of 38 MB/s (300 Mbps) you will probably have it ready in just over half an hour, while with a connection of 12.5 MB / s (100 Mbps) it would take about two hours, approximately. Having a fast Internet connection will also help you to be more versatile, since you will be able to face any challenge with guarantees. This is the third key that you should keep in mind.

Remember that, in order to enjoy a fast Internet connection, you not only need to contract a high-speed rate, you also you must have a router to match and a PC capable of taking advantage of it. If you have any questions you can leave it in the comments and we will help you solve it.

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