What is missing in iOS that Android does have?

One of the aspects that raises a lot of curiosity among users who have always used an iPhone, and therefore iOS, is what are the feelings experienced by those who switch from Android to Apple, that is, users who use an iPhone for the first time having always used smartphones from other manufacturers. In this post we will tell you.

What do Android users miss when moving to the iPhone?

After the experience of a very close person, who has just made the leap from his Android device to the iPhone, I found it curious to be able to dig a little deeper into that experience he is having in his first days with this device. Obviously, Android and iOS are two operating systems that are quite different from each other, so pointing out the key points in which a user, who has always used Android, misses when using an iPhone, can give us clues where Apple could improve iOS. Here are the 4 highlights.

  • With the jump from the iPhone 8 to the iPhone X, Apple changed the way the iPhone is used, making all users have to “learn” to use the gestures that an all-screen device demands. This in Android does not happen in the same way, since on many occasions these users can continue using the button navigationthis being an element that is missing when switching to iOS, since the only way to continue using a back button, for example, is to acquire an iPhone SE or one of the models with the old design.

  • Surely the biggest difference or one of the most important is the lack of customization what’s in iOS compared to Android. Now, it is true that Apple is taking steps forward in this regard, since there is nothing more to see than the news of iOS 16 with the lock screen or the concentration modes. However, it is still a long way from what other manufacturers that have Android as their operating system are capable of offering, so it remains to be seen if Apple will eventually offer all the possibilities that its competitor has.
  • One of the novelties that the vast majority of users expected to see with the arrival of iOS 16 are the interactive widgets, which is just a functionality that is present in Android and that, by making this change, users can notice a lot. In the end, having the possibility of performing certain functions without having to enter the application is a real comfort.

on-screen focus modes

  • Last but not least, the possibility of poner a ringtone song is much more complicated to do on iOS than on Android, and although it seems like a minor aspect, we all like to have that personalized ringtone, in addition to the fact that it gives you the ability to immediately realize if the person they are calling is you or No.

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