Podcast 13 × 01: We are back to analyze a hot summer

Again here! Yes, after just over three weeks in which we have rested (both us and most of you) we are back with the #PodcastApple and the truth is that the feeling “the first day” was really gratifying.

Many of you have been following us for a long time, but for all those who joined last night’s live show, welcome everyone and thank you for putting up with us during those nights. East Summer is being quite busy in terms of rumors and leaks of Apple products, and logically yesterday we talked about all this and much more, as always.

This is the link for you to enter our YouTube channel and that you can follow us in the next episode live or you can enjoy the podcast published on iTunes to listen to it whenever and wherever you want.

If you have any questions or suggestions and you think we can comment on it on the podcast you can do it live through the chat available on YouTube, using the hashtag #podcastapple on Twitter or from our Telegram channel, which should be noted, it is free for everyone and we are more and more.

Again we have to thank everyone present at the company live in these intense early mornings, we are more and more users who meet in the live and you ask us directly about the technological news of Apple, its products and also other issues not directly related to Apple. For the team it is really a pleasure to share all our experiences and get to know yours, we hope that this community of users continues to increase day by day.

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