WhatsApp is a fundamental tool for 80% of Spanish organizations

The platform specialized in CRM for companies in expansion, Hubspot, has carried out a new study with 250 entrepreneurs on the WhatsApp usage trends when it comes to interacting with your customers and potentials.

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular instant messaging application with more than 2 billion monthly active users. Specifically in Spain, more than 35 million people use WhatsApp on a daily basis according to the latest study by We Are Social and Hootsuite, which means that 91% of the population of our country is a user of this popular application. The version for companies, WhatsApp Business is equally accepted in the corporate world.

According to data from this recent Hubapot study, in Spain all companies use messaging applications to communicate with customers, and more than 70% opt for WhatsApp Business to do so. On the other hand, 42% of those surveyed consider WhatsApp “essential” to connect with their customers and another 40% describe it as “very important”, so it is key for the businesses and companies of more than 80% of those surveyed.

Among the activities in which WhatsApp is most used in the business field, within the marketing department, are the product and event promotion with 69.23% and 15.38% respectively while, in the sales area59% use it to generate and close sales and 25% to follow up on opportunities.

For their part, when it comes to customer service, 69% use it to answer questions followed by dealing with complaints or claims (14%). Among the departments with the highest percentage of use, sales stands out with 46% followed by service (38%) and marketing (15%).

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Efficient tool for 80%

According to the HubSpot study, more than 80% of those interviewed consider WhatsApp to be a very efficient tool in communicating with their customers. Among the most used tools in this communication, the following stand out especially: automated messages – Preconfigured messages to be sent automatically if the company is contacted outside of its customer service hours – which is used by more than 30%, followed by conversations in use (27%) and product catalogs (18%). 16% opt for voice and video calls.

The study also provides specific data related to the habits in the conversations that are maintained through WhatsApp Business. More than 40% of the interviewees handle between 5 and 20 chats a day while almost 30% manage between 20 and 50 conversations daily. Of the 250 interviewees, 20% have half of their conversations with their customers and prospects through WhatsApp.

In light of the findings of this recent HubSpot survey, there is no doubt that WhatsApp and its business version WhatsApp Business have become a critical communication tool for businesses. Every day it becomes more necessary than all platforms are integrated to optimize customer service processes, obtain a greater connection and personalization and, above all, offer a faster and more personalized service.

With these goals in mind, HubSpot launched its WhatsApp integration in November that allows different teams across businesses to connect their WhatsApp Business account as one more messaging channel to their shared inbox to communicate with current and potential customers using the information from HubSpot’s CRM for reference.

Thanks to this integration, marketing and customer service teams will obtain better and faster communication, connect with each customer through their preferred channel and without leaving HubSpot and offer optimal customer service from the shared CRM tray in addition from automating and personalizing messaging to sustaining two-way conversations and ultimately building more human connections with customers at scale.

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