When should I install NVIDIA GeForce Experience?

When we buy a new computer, depending on the budget and the use that we are going to give it, we have two options. The first one is to buy it “without graphics”, taking advantage of the processor graphics chip (iGPU) to take care of displaying the images, and the second is to buy it with a dedicated graphics, either AMD or NVIDIA, that gives us an extra power for 3D applications and games. If the computer came with Windows pre-installed, or if we installed it and we download the drivers from Windows Update, the graphics drivers will be downloaded and installed on the PC. However, we may be missing something.

When we download the NVIDIA drivers from Windows Update, or if these drivers are pre-installed on the computer, it is most likely that we have the drivers as such on the PC, and a tool called “NVIDIA Control Panel”. From this control panel we will be able to configure, mainly, the behavior of the graph.

NVIDIA Control Panel
NVIDIA Control Panel

Developer: NVIDIA Corp.

If we are only going to use the computer to surf the Internet, and we have no thought harness the power of the GPU for gaming, then with this it is not worth it. However, if we are gamers and want to make the most of the power of the PC, it is possible that we are missing one more tool. And this tool is called GeForce Experience.

What GeForce Experience brings us

GeForce Experience It is an additional program, which is usually included when we install the drivers by hand, but if we use another method to install them (such as Windows Update) we may not have it on the computer. This tool is a software specialized in optimizing the system to the maximum and automatically adjusting the graphics of the games according to the power of the computer.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience - 1

This program also allows us to activate certain additional functions (such as 3D acceleration) in some programs (such as Photoshop or VLC) to improve its overall performance. It also has functions to record games, stream and monitor computer performance in real time. And, as if that were not enough, it allows us to download and install the new versions of the drivers when a new update is launched.

In summary, if our computer does not come with this program, we must install it when we are going to use the computer, mainly to play. If we are not going to run any game, it is a tool that we can perfectly ignore and ignore, since it will not give us much more than updates (which we can continue to download from Windows Update in a more comfortable way) and we can have the PC more free from unnecessary NVIDIA processes.

I don’t have the program on my PC: how do I install it?

There are two ways to install GeForce Experience on your computer. The first one is by hand-downloading the latest version of the drivers from the NVIDIA website and installing the package that we have downloaded. During the installation we will see the options that we can choose whether to install or not, and among them we will have this program.

If we already have the drivers installed, and we don’t want to download and install this package from scratch, then what we can do is download them from the GeForce Experience website. From here we can download the latest version of this tool to the PC in order to make the most of the computer’s power by doing what we like the most: playing games.

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