Which are better, YouTube playlists or radio stations

The services of streaming Both video and audio offer us a huge amount of content. Now we are going to focus on the music offered by one of the most representative websites on the Internet, YouTube. We are going to differentiate the playlists from the available radio stations.

At first, many of you relate to the aforementioned portal owned by Google, Youtube, with video playback. But it must also be taken into account that its growth in terms of musical content is still very important. We have a multitude of content related to this topic in the form of different services and ways to enjoy our favorite music on Youtube music.

Many once have their own account on the streaming portal of Google, they create their own playlists. This is something that has been with us for a good number of years to access the content that interests us more quickly. However, something that is becoming more and more widespread are the radio stations available on the YouTube platform itself. The growth of these ways to access our favorite music is important today. Hence, the first thing that we must distinguish well are the aforementioned playlists and radio stations.

Each of these elements provides us with some advantages and disadvantages so that we can choose the proposal that interests us most in each case. There is a service that this streaming portal offers us, we are referring to YouTube Music, which already has more than 80 million users. In this way, it wants to compete with other popular platforms such as Spotify.

Playlists or stations, what to choose on YouTube

Perhaps one of the main secrets of the growing success of this music service are the functions that we find by default.

Youtube music

A clear example of all this can be seen in the aforementioned playlists or in the radio stations. Next, we are going to talk about the main differences of both modalities.

  • With radio stations you discover new music: music lovers are sure to be delighted by the wide availability of YouTube Music. Thus, radio stations allow us to discover new music in a much faster and easier way.
  • Streamlines the use of YouTube Music: on the other hand, in the event that we are more likely to listen to already known songs, the playlists play a key role here. They allow us to keep our favorite subjects and access all of them faster.
  • The playlists are more customizable: in addition, these lists that we create can include a series of topics ordered by different personal categories. Thus, we create lists by gendersmoods, time of year, artists, etc. Obviously the music from radio stations is more random.
  • Radio stations are easier to create and use: YouTube Music automatically generates stations based on music you’ve previously listened to. Therefore, these automatisms allow to simplify the creation of these stations much more in comparison with the ready. To all this, we must add that the stations are updated automatically, while in the lists we have to do this by hand.
  • Playlists can be shared: we must take into account that personal playlists can be made public or private and thus share them with others if we wish. On the contrary, radio stations will only be private in all cases.

In short, radio stations are better at discovering new music and using YouTube in a more automatic way. However, playlists offer us more personalized music and they also allow us to share them.

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