Why Koala Inspector?

Are you looking for a unique tool that will help you ace in the ecommerce environment on your Shopify website? Koala inspector is the solution to your problems. Koala inspector is a unique tool used by ecommerce vendors so as to do a quick check on various Shopify stores and discover its best performing features. You can be able to spy on winning Shopify stores at the comfort of your space just by the click of a button. The Shopify inspector was created with the aim of ensuring smooth running of the Shopify store.

Koala inspector offers a platform for the Shopify community to be well informed and be at the top in terms of being ahead of their competitors through their sales of high quality products. The inspector also offers a space of running high end ad campaigns so as to attract a massive traffic to the merchant’s Shopify store. The Shopifyspy is able to spot upcoming opportunities thus bringing great benefits to Shopify stores as they are able to draft their strategies of great performance. The commerce inspector is most preferred by most vendors since it’s user friendly and offers all the cheat codes of any Shopify store with great sales with so much ease.

The main aim of the Shopify App Detector is to gather data to help Shopify store owners to strategize on how they will improve their businesses. Koala inspector has a wide variety of features that are used to gather a trail of people to someone’s website through ad campaigns, themes, apps and products. Through Koala inspector, you can be able to track new products and the best-selling products in the market.

The product feature in the Koala inspector gives the vendor the ability to choose the products that are best-selling in the market to appear on his website. As a trader in the Shopify market, you have the advantage of seeing the products your competitors are selling so that you can choose to offer discounts of these products on your website so as to improve sales.

Features Koala Inspector offers

Tracking any Shopify store

Being able to track the stores gives you quick updates on the products your competitors are fast selling in the market. You can be able to know the ins and outs of any product, the traffic source as well as the discounts your competitors are offering. Such information is good to help you improve sales in your business. 


The structure feature gives the vendor the advantage of implementing the best themes and applications being used by his or her competitors in the market. Most buyers are attracted by the appearance of the website hence tend to buy more. Making the website easy to navigate is also a great trick being used by Shopify stores with great traffic on their websites.

Product insights and statistics

It would be great if you took time to analyze the market and get a clear understanding of the products that sell in the market. When you try doing experiments on products that have never sold in the market, you are more likely to encounter losses in their businesses and this may be frustrating for the business owner. The Koala drop-shipping spy allows you to check what’s new in the market; whether it’s selling or not. When you get to understand the market, you are able to get an insight on establishing a niche in the market and how to overcome the gap. Product statistics tab in the app shows a breakdown of the highest, average and lowest price of each product being sold in the Shopify stores.

Ad campaign

Koala inspector reveals the paid ads the competitors use to market their products so as to increase their sales. Once you identify the ad campaigns being used, you can decide to implement it in your website or save up on offering advertisements to make your brand well known.

App discounts

Koala inspectors have partnered with high-end apps that offer discounts that are beneficial for any Shopify store owner who would want to increase sales.

Shop traffic

The Shopify traffic feature offers a platform to monitor the performance of various Shopify stores that attract huge sales. The feature enables you to be on toes with your competitors and know what they do so as to get many buyers opting to buy from them. Knowing your competitors is important in that you get to learn about their tricks and cheat codes to gather more sales in the market.

Favorite products

Once you have identified the products your competitors are using to get huge sales, as a vendor, you can decide to customize your list of the best-selling products as well as the new releases. The feature can also be used as an inventory to track your products when you stock or sell them.

Find retailer

The Koala inspector saves the buyer time by offering a large pool of retailers offering sales to the product that the buyer would like to purchase. If the vendor is offering affordable prices or discounts, he or she will be at the top of the list and the buyer will most likely choose to buy from them.

As a Shopify vendor, it would be best if you opted to use Koala inspector to improve on the sales of your business since it’s an all-in-one commerce platform. The Shopify spy offers all the secrets and cheat codes used by high end sellers with great traffic on their websites.  If you want to have massive sales, subscribe to Koala Inspector and you will not be disappointed.

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