Will you remove Microsoft Windows Defender in future versions of the system?

We have already commented on more than one occasion that one of the types of programs that cannot be missing on any PC are the antivirus. In Windows, we used to have to install a solution by hand when we started with a new PC. However, things have changed and now we already have Windows Defender.

For those of you who don’t know, starting with Windows 10, the software giant offers us its own security solution by default and pre-installed on the system. In Windows 7 we found Microsoft Security Essentials, a security software that left much to be desired. However, the firm bet very heavily on the aforementioned Windows 10 for its antivirus to compete with the rest of the security companies.

And he succeeded, since in these moments we find a powerful and reliable enough software solution as not to need anything else. It is true that there are still many users who distrust this program and prefer to use the antivirus of a lifetime. Keep in mind that there are companies focused on this sector that have been offering their products for many years. That is precisely why they have earned the trust of a multitude of clients who continue to bet on their projects. It is worth mentioning that the moment we install another antivirus on a Windows PC, Defender is automatically disabled.

But with everything and with it many want this solution to be completely removed from the operating system. This opinion is extended to many of the UWP apps that will integrate Windows by default when we install it from scratch.

Microsoft won’t do without Windows Defender

Due to this rejection that it causes for many users around the world, some may wonder if those from Redmond should remove your antivirus from the operating system. We cannot predict the future here, of course, but it is quite difficult for this to happen. It must be taken into consideration that Windows Defender It has not stopped growing and improving over the years. In parallel and thanks to these advances, little by little the trust of more users has been gained.

What’s more, based on the latest analysis results carried out by specialized companies, this antivirus is considered one of the best today. Therefore, it can no longer only compete with programs of more veteran security companies, but, in many cases, surpasses them. Precisely for all this that we are commenting on, it is difficult for Microsoft to consider doing without this powerful integrated security solution.

This means that we will most likely have Windows Defender at our disposal for many years. In addition, the firm works to offer an increasingly secure operating system, and this antivirus plays a very important role in this regard. What many users may be missing here are some additional functions that we do find in third-party antivirus. But it is also true that Microsoft is slowly working on it and integrating new features to meet the needs of today’s user.

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