With lashes, parishioners “run” feminists protesting in a church

Feminists they met outside some churches to protest the case of a minor who was sexually abused by her grandfather, however, in one of the cathedrals they were whipped out by a group of indigenous women.

The events took place in the Cathedral Basilica Menor de San Lorenzo Mártir, in the community of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, where feminists part of the collective “Mujeres Creando” They came forward to protest the case of an 11-year-old girl who became pregnant after being sexually abused by her grandfather.

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The women gathered in different venues to intervene with slogans during the mass, in addition to the fact that they had the intention of painting outside as a protest against the supposed position that the church on the case of the minor, by trying to influence her to reject the abortion.

However, one of the groups was expelled between shoving and whipping while they continued with the slogan: “Church, hypocrite and mean … you force a girl to give birth.”

They respond with lashes

The women part of the group appeared in other churches of Bolivia protesting the same case and doing pints outside, but it was only in one where clashes between parishioners and protesters were reported.

“As we were at the first mass, nobody reacted, we had to run and grab our whips to defend the church of what was happening (…) This is how we are going to do with all the people who come to want to subjugate, to want to do bad things, to run over, ”said one of the women to local media cited by Milenio.

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Another of the women who lashed out at feminists pointed out: “With whips they are going to respect our Church. With this our parents taught us when we were little ”.

Regarding the case of the minor, it has been reported that the 61-year-old grandfather, who allegedly abused his granddaughter on more than one occasion, was detained by the authorities.


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