With this error at home you spend a lot of light and it affects your devices

Save light at home can be easier than it seems. Simply by making some adjustments and changes, we can achieve lower electricity costs. In this article we are going to talk about a very specific case. We are going to explain an error with which you are paying more on the electricity bill and, in addition, it can negatively affect the devices. You will see that a simple change can come in handy.

He phantom consumption It is all the electricity cost that we have even if we do not use certain devices. This occurs by having them plugged into the current, beyond the time in which we are using them. This has a lot to do with what we are going to talk about, but you will also see that it can negatively affect the devices.

Do not leave devices charging

As long as charge a deviceThat’s going to waste energy. It is logical and it is something that happens whenever you charge a phone, computer or any other device. But you should also keep in mind that the battery wears out. In fact, a battery has a useful life that is generally measured in charge cycles. It does not mean that there will come a time when it stops working directly, but it does mean that you will notice a progressive deterioration.

What happens if you always leave charging devices at home? That’s going to damage the battery a lot of the device, but at the same time you will be consuming electricity unnecessarily. We can name some clear examples, such as leaving a laptop always plugged in, leaving your mobile charging overnight, an electric toothbrush always plugged in, or any similar device.

Ideally, these devices should be charged only when necessary. In fact, having the mobile charge for a long time when it has already reached 100% can cause significant deterioration. The energy cost should also be taken into account, since if you have many devices always charging, you will be paying more on the bill.

Our advice is that you do not leave the devices connected when you are not using them and they are charged. Small details like this can help you save electricity each month. It will also come in handy to try to extend the useful life of the devices and that they do not deteriorate by always having them charging.

Phantom consumption is important

It is calculated that the phantom consumption can suppose over 10% of the total of the energy bill. Avoiding it is easy and can save you money each month. For example, avoid leaving the television plugged in if you are not going to use it. That red LED is going to keep consuming electricity constantly.

you should also check any device or component that stays plugged in, as it all adds up. Also, if you are going to be away from home for several weeks, for example for a trip, you can take into account the option of disconnecting everything except, perhaps, the refrigerator. That will help you pay less.

In short, as you can see, it is important to avoid constantly charging devices. On the one hand, you can save electricity. In addition, you will also take care of the equipment and prevent it from deteriorating. If you are going to use home automation, you will have more control. Of course, sometimes you will have to avoid problems with Wi-Fi.

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