Why are downloads slow and how to improve speed

The Internet connection, something fundamental in our day to day

Nowadays it is almost essential to have a good internet connection. We need it to communicate with friends and family, use social networks, inform ourselves … However, it is essential that the speed is good, that there are no cuts or stability problems.

This is also very important when we go to perform a download. We are talking, for example, of downloading a program from the Internet, from the cloud, receiving an attachment by e-mail … In case of having a poor, limited connection, we could have problems for all of this we mentioned.

For this reason, it is very important to take care of the Internet connection, identify possible problems that may arise and, most importantly, know how to solve complications that may be present. We will give some recommendations to improve download speed.

Why are downloads slow

As we say, the reasons why Internet downloads do not work well can be very varied. We are going to show some of the main ones that may be present in users when downloading something from the network.

Connection problems

One of the main problems is having a problem with the Connection. This happens especially if we are browsing through the wireless network. Having poor Wi-Fi coverage is very common and this can cause a loss of speed and, ultimately, that Internet downloads do not go as we would like.

Malware on your computer

It could also greatly affect malicious software. There are many threats that we can suffer when surfing the net. Many types of viruses, Trojans, and other varieties of malware that can impair the proper functioning of the systems.

Therefore, having malware in the system can also affect the speed of the downloads we make on the Internet. It could interfere with the proper functioning of the applications we use to make these downloads.

Using outdated programs

Of course it could also be a problem of the program we are using and, more specifically, that it is outdated. Using outdated software is not only dangerous, it could also be limiting features and causing problems. This also applies to browsers and any tools we use.

Conflict-creating software

Another cause may be some installation that we have done recently. For example the use of some Program that may be interfering with the Internet connection and, also, in the programs that we use to download.

Antivirus or firewall causes errors

The security programs they are very important to avoid network problems. They are essential to prevent the entry of intruders that could compromise our data. However, an antivirus or firewall could also be blocking downloads or limiting speed.

How to improve download speed

We’ve looked at some of the main reasons why downloads can be slow. Now we are going to give some tips to avoid this and make it work as well as possible. A series of interesting recommendations that we can put into practice.

Improve connection

One of the main tips we can give is to try improve connection. Especially we must get it to work as best as possible if we connect wirelessly. For example, we can install Wi-Fi repeaters, PLC devices and any other device that can help amplify the signal.

Having a slow connection, that has little coverage and poor stability can seriously affect when it comes to downloading from the Internet. However, as we have mentioned, we can take into account some basic changes that can come in handy.

Keep equipment safe and up-to-date

This tip can help you avoid many of the problems we have on our computers. It is essential that they are protected. There are many security tools that we have at our disposal. Many programs that in one way or another can protect us.

But it is also vital to keep them updated. On many occasions, vulnerabilities arise that can be exploited by hackers and also affect browsing performance. We must install all the available patches and thus solve these complications that appear.

Improve the security of a web page

Use safe and appropriate programs

Internet downloads can be simply downloading a file through the browser or even using specific programs for it. In the latter case, it is necessary to indicate the importance of using programs that are safe, that work properly, that are legitimate and of course that we choose a good option among those that we have.

The software to download should be as optimized as possible and avoid installing unreliable applications.

Try to focus the connection

Are we downloading a file from a computer and it is very slow but we are using other devices at the same time? Any equipment that we have connected to the network can influence the speed of the Internet. It can cause that download that we are trying to carry out to be affected, to black out and to malfunction.

The advice in this case is to try focus connection when we are doing a download. It is important that we avoid using another computer and downloading or uploading files to the cloud at the same time. Intensive use of the connection can affect all connected devices.

Configure the applications

On the other hand, the applications that we use to download may have configurations that we can modify. Sometimes a small change that we make will help the speed be higher and that there is no problem.

In short, by following these steps that we have mentioned we can avoid speed problems when downloading from the Internet. It is essential that everything works as well as possible, that we do not make mistakes and that our teams are prepared to offer optimal service, without problems arising.

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