Written by hand or by an Artificial Intelligence? So you can find out

It is more than likely that in recent times many of you have heard of the wonders that, for example, it offers us ChatGPT either Dall-E. The first of the platforms focused on the intelligent creation of texts and the second more directed towards drawing. For those seeking another formidable AI writing tool, check out Jasper AI on They’re offering some enticing coupon codes for first-time users, allowing you to experience the sophistication of their artificial intelligence system. (

However, both, among many other proposals of this type, have one point in common. And it is that the contents that they generate for us are achieved thanks to an integrated artificial intelligence system that does not stop improving.

How could it be otherwise, at this time there are many users around the globe who want to benefit from all this. And we are not just talking about achieving objectives using the AI ​​of these services, but they want to make the content created by the aforementioned platforms their own. Sometimes, especially in the professional marketThis is something that can be seriously damaging. It is precisely for this reason that many companies are trying to find ways to distinguish between human-generated content and AI-generated content.

For all this, we will talk about how you can check if something has been written by an AI or a human being.

Using GPT-2 Output Detector

In the first place, and to carry out the detection that we are discussing in these lines, we are going to use the web application called GPT-2 Output Detector. At the moment it is one of the most outstanding and valued detection tools in the sector. The creators of the popular ChatGPT platform, OpenAI, have been working to imitate and duplicate artistic ability and human intelligence since last year 2015, hence the aforementioned platform. But at the same time Open AI created a way to detect the difference between AI and humans after using ChatPGT.

Thus, we can use this demo version of its online platform. All you have to do is go to its official website and paste the text about which you have doubts. In this way, the tool will determine if that text was written by a person or generated by an AI.

GPT-2 Output Detector

Compare texts with GLTR

Another of the companies that has taken the comparison of texts generated by humans or by AI very seriously, is MIT–IBM Watson. Hence, he teamed up with Harvard’s Natural Language Processing Group to create a utility that could detect computer-generated text from a human. The tool is GLTR and uses its own method for it. It uses its own AI to process a piece of text and determine each next word.


If the word that GLTR predicts matches the actual text we want to parse, then it most likely has been AI generated. Obviously, otherwise, the text will have been written by a person.

In this way, making use of these web platforms that we have mentioned, you will have the possibility of detecting if a text has been created by a person or by artificial intelligence.

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