Xiaomi’s 55-inch QLED TV, almost half the price!

You probably know Xiaomi from its smartphones, but the company makes different types of products. In addition to the aforementioned mobile phones and SmartTVs, the company manufactures computer monitors, laptops, peripherals, Mini PCs, robot vacuum cleaners, and many other products.

The brand has been expanding beyond its original niche, but continues with its clear identity: quality products at an affordable price. It is something that has led it to succeed in a segment as competitive as that of intelligent terminals.

Xiaomi “gives away” this piece of television

The first aspect that stands out about this television is its size, being nothing less than 55 inches. We are talking about a large format ideal for watching series, movies and even playing from the sofa in our living room. A crazy television that normally costs 799 euros, but now has 46%, staying at only 426 euros.

It stands out from this television that it is from QLED type, so we will have very realistic colors. It stands out above all that it offers a 97% DCI-P3 color coverage, which is great. To ensure maximum contrast and color intensity, it includes support for Dolby Vision and HDR10+. Both technologies will offer us brutal brightness and colors, showing every little detail.

Xiaomi TV Q1E QLED 4K smart tv

Obviously we are talking about a 4K tv, so you can enjoy sharper and more detailed images. This resolution offers up to four times more pixel density than a 1080p resolution. We must also emphasize that this television offers a frequency of refresh rate up to 60 Hz.

Xiaomi has arranged a powerful Cortex-A55 processor quad-core, to ensure the best possible performance. In addition, this television has 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. It allows the installation of USB memories, so the capacity increases a lot.

Possibly one of the best on the market

Also striking is this television that has Android TV as the operating system. This offers us access to more than 400,000 movies and series, in addition to our favorite applications. We can, among other things, have Netflix or HBO on our television comfortably, as well as enjoy YouTube.

It includes other interesting aspects, such as a 360-degree Bluetooth remote to control the television. It also offers us voice control, in order to save time in searches.

xiaomi tv 4k

Sound, one of the great duties of SmartTVs, is also very well covered. It has a system of six speakers that can offer a power of up to 15 W. These speakers include compatibility with Dolby Audio and DTS.

As the last highlights of this television, to say that it is of the “frameless” type or what is the same, these are very thin. It is gray in color, so it will combine perfectly in your living room. It has two feet, to offer greater stability in its installation. In addition, it offers wall mounting thanks to a VESA 200×200 anchoring system.

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