You can now try iOS 17 with its first public beta

It’s been a little over a month since the presentation of iOS 17 during Apple’s keynote in which much of the prominence fell on Apple Vision Pro. It was, as we already told you at the time, an event full of interesting news, in which the advance of future versions of all Apple operating systems Apple had a somewhat secondary tone compared to all the new devices that Cupertino had reserved for the event.

However, and although the devices undoubtedly arouse more informative interest, the truth is that the scope of software updates, and especially of operating systems, it is much widerso that after the dazzling effect of new computers, viewers and more, users of the brand’s devices begin to wonder if they will be able to update their devices and, of course, what will they get with it if they do.

The first question received an immediate response, as we told you at the time, and as for the second, we already had a first advance in the aforementioned presentation, although without a doubt time and updates to iOS 17 will reveal more news to us. This has already begun to happen with the betas aimed at developers who, as we told you a couple of weeks ago, have already revealed some more features of the operating system.

You can now try iOS 17 with its first public beta

Thus, users have two options (which are actually complementary) to discover what’s new: stay tuned to the media that, as we do at MuyComputer, report on them, or launch themselves to test a beta. And those who dare with this second option are in luck, since Apple has already published the first public beta of iOS 17which can be downloaded and installed on their iPhones by all those users who want it.

Apple distinguishes between two types of beta versions, those aimed exclusively at developers, who need them to adapt their apps to the new version, and the public ones, which are generally much more polished and that are addressed to all those users who want to get ahead of the rest of the world by testing the new features. Currently, a private user does not have it difficult to be able to test a beta for developers, but this is something that Apple is going to change soon.

However, we must never forget that we are talking about a beta version, that is, that it is neither as reliable nor as stable as a final version. What I mean by this? Well, it is not recommended to use it on a device, in this case an iPhone, on whose proper functioning you depend on one or more aspects. Now, if you have a phone with which you can “tinker” without fear of possible failures, and you are curious to start testing iOS 17 right now, the preview is waiting for you here.

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