You have it at home and they are consuming electricity without you knowing it, avoid it like this

Controlling this expense is going to be key to the objective of lower the electricity bill. Simply by making a few changes, you will see that you can save energy. In addition, it will also be useful to extend the life of the devices and avoid unnecessary wear and tear that can have a negative effect.

Appliances that always consume energy

There are times when this phantom consumption may be necessary, for example a sensor that has to receive information to turn something on remotely. Other times, on the other hand, it is totally useless to have something on and you will be wasting electricity. The sum of everything can make that expense important.

Console or video player

Do you have a game console or a video player that you only use sometimes? Maybe you always have them plugged in to the current and that will mean that they are wasting electricity without really being necessary. They can spend more or less depending on what type of device they are and if they have other linked devices, such as a remote.

Ideally, you connect them only when you are going to use them. In this way, you will be able to save on the electricity bill and you will also prevent them from having greater wear and tear as they are always on.

sound systems

It may also happen that you have a sound system. It is quite related to what we have mentioned above. maybe you have speakers on television or on a computer and are always connected to the light. Even if you’re not watching any movies or listening to music, you have them plugged in.

They will be consuming electricity forever. They are going to contribute to phantom consumption and they are going to be one of those vampires that can contribute over 10% of total consumption, although we are not aware of it. Once again, turn them off and only connect them to electricity when you need them.

connected appliances

You should especially be careful with older appliances, such as an old microwave that you have at home. These older appliances weren’t exactly made to prevent phantom consumption and may be consuming quite a bit of electricity without you even knowing it.

The best thing is that you disconnect all electrical appliances that you are not going to need. Simply a blinking clock, for example, will be consuming energy. When you are going to use them, then you connect them. You can use power strips to control that they all turn on or off at once.

Light consumption of a microwave


On the other hand, the chargers will also consume energy. Just a charger laptop or even a mobile, it will be spending light. Also the charger of a stolen vacuum cleaner, a toothbrush or whatever. All this, to a greater or lesser extent, will cause the total bill to increase.

A good habit is to unplug chargers whenever you’re done charging something. You don’t have to turn it on all the time. Even if it is a small expense, such as a mobile phone charger, you will also prevent it from deteriorating more than normal.

TV in standby

A classic of ghost consumption. Having the television always connected to the current is a mistake if what you are looking for is to consume the minimum. Have the red led always on, it will cause constant consumption. It is true that it is more comfortable, since you will simply have to use the remote to turn it on, but it will affect electricity consumption. (

To avoid this, what you should do is as simple as turning it off. When you go to use the television, you connect it to electricity. With this, you will avoid that red LED is always on and the television waiting for you to use the remote.

In short, as you can see, you can reduce the electricity bill if you end phantom consumption. It is essential to check very well all the devices that you have connected to the current and turn off those that you really do not need. Only with this, in many cases you will be able to lower the bill by about 10%.

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