You’ll have to save up for the new Intel Gen 12 CPUs, check out their prices

There is no doubt that if AMD had the launch last Christmas with its Ryzen 5000, the turn now in 2021 is for Intel and its twelfth generation Core based on the Alder Lake architecture. So soon we will have them in our hands, although of course we still do not know the price of these new CPUs, right? What will be the prices of the first Intel Core Gen 12?

Through the US electronics store Provantage, the prices that the different models of the Intel Core 12 that will go on sale this Christmas have been filtered and that is that those of Pat Gelsinger will debut only the versions K and KF, while the rest have slipped to 2022. It should be noted that it is not an official list, so we remember that we have to wait for Intel to give us this information officially.

The launch date of these processors with Alder Lake-S architecture will be next October 2021, so for practical purposes we have them almost in our hands and we are waiting to see what their performance is compared to the current Rocket Lake -S from Intel and AMD Zen 3 on the desktop although there is little left for us to put them to the test.

And how is the issue of prices of Intel Core Gen 12 CPUs presented?

For several generations, the classic processor company has been offering its CPUs in different ranges, in the case of the Alder Lake-S, Intel will launch them in three different lines: i5, i7 and i9.

  • First of all we have the i5-12600KF with a configuration 6 + 4 cores, 16 threads execution and 4.9 GHz Boost by $ 261.77, but if you prefer the model i5-12600K then the thing goes up to $ 295.49, the difference? KFs do not have an integrated IGPU, while the K do have one. As for the rest of the features, both CPUs are symmetrical.
  • If we already go to the part to the mid-range, both the i7-12700KF As the i7-12700K have a configuration 8 + 4, which give you 20 threads total execution and a maximum speed of 5 GHz How much will it cost us? The first will come out by $ 395.61 of sale to the public and the second $ 422.17.
  • And finally we have the case of the high-end, which will come in the form of the i9-12900KF yel i9-12900K. The price of these Core Gen 12 CPUs will be $ 578.13 for model KF and $ 604 in the case of K. The configuration of these processors is complete, 8 + 8, so they grant 24 threads execution in total. Your GHz in Boost? The highest, since they reach the 5.2.

The prices have been very pleasantly surprised, since with the proximity of launch compared to the previous generation of processors of the blue ones, we believed that these would be much higher given their greater power. In any case, we still have to wait for official confirmation from Intel, but it is possible that they are not very far from what has been leaked.

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