It’s not the new Roomba, it’s the gaming PC of the future: modular and 5G

In the midst of the monotonous and boring ATX cases for PCs and laptops of a lifetime, from time to time companies take to innovate and create unique concepts in terms of form factor and therefore industrial design of how a PC. Today we bring you from the hands of AORUS, a GIGABYTE subdivision, the so-called Project Sky. Let’s see how it is.

Showing off in industrial design on PCs is not something that I know much about, it is true that the world of Modding exists, but the fact of making unique designs also means creating unique pieces in the form of new PCBs that allow a specific organization of the components in order to achieve the concept that has been embodied on paper.

This is something that is difficult to do on a very small scale, as fitting the puzzle pieces together is not the same as having to make them yourself, and it is not surprising that manufacturers ‘and assemblers’ design labs take advantage of their unique capabilities to create concepts like the AORUS Project Cielo with a form factor never seen before in the PC world.

Project Cielo: this will be PC Gaming in the future according to AORUS

This AORUS PC concept is a strange concept to say the least, the first thing you think about when you see this modular design is that the PC circuitry has been divided into different parts, with one for the CPU and RAM, another for the graphics card. and a last one for I / O and storage, at least that is what we could deduce seeing its form factor, but the reality is that it is not like that.

What is the PC itself is located at the top, in the module with the USB outputs and the rest of the interfaces for external peripherals. As for the central module, it is a battery and the lower one a Bluetooth speaker. All this seasoned with a 5G antenna so that this computer connects to the network of networks from anywhere we are.

And the fact is that GIGABYTE’s vision is none other than 5G technology that will make PC gaming popular anytime, anywhere, which for us is the manufacturer’s interpretation that the future is in the Cloud. Gaming. From here we already wrote some time ago how cloud gaming could absorb the lower end of PC gaming and how 5G technology will influence it.

A new concept of PC to play

Cloud Computing Cloud Gaming 5G

It is no secret that the name Project Cielo refers to the game in the cloud, which has evolved in quality of service in recent years and there is an important offer of different services available. Although it has its detractors, the truth is that the experience under Stadia, XCloud and GeForce Now they are better than what you had a few years ago.

However, the great limitation is the speed of the internet connection, since Cloud Gaming requires a large amount in order to keep the delay in the emission as low as possible, give a good image quality and maintain a good frame rate. . The method to do this will be the use of an image reconstruction system through deep learning algorithms, which will generate higher quality versions of the images transmitted by the server in real time.

At the moment this type of hardware is only found in NVIDIA GPUs, but we know that future APUs from Intel and AMD will integrate this type of processors called neural networks. Are we facing a paradigm shift in PC games like there was in the mid-2000s with Steam and the death of the physical format?

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