You’ve never seen it so cheap: the Kindle Paperwhite for less than 90 euros

Cheaper than ever

The Kindle Paperwhite has hung the all-time low sign on occasion but it seems that one more squeeze was still saved for last. And it is that the 10th generation model, which will end up giving way to a renewed version available today (for 139.99 euros), has been placed in the Amazon showcase with a price of 89.99 euros, the cost lowest ever assigned to this model.

Sold and shipped by Amazon, not only is it a fantastic opportunity to take home an e-.reader; It is also the perfect gift for many this Christmas, especially considering that Amazon now offers a period of return that arrives until January 31, 2022. If you did not know what to give … you may have the perfect solution at an unbeatable price.

10th generation Kindle, a safe bet

We’ve always said that the Paperwhite is our favorite Kindle, and with good reason. 6 inch anti-glare and 300 dpi, it enjoys a light and elegant design, with good grip, while boasting an extensive autonomy to read for weeks.

It also has water resistance and has an integrated adjustable light that allows you to read inside and outside the home, both day and night.

Kindle Paperwhite

With 32GB of storage and support Wifi, It also offers the possibility of taking 3 months of Kindle Unlimited free -After that period you will only have to decide whether to pay or not-, although you can always not select it before putting it in your shopping cart.

Better this or the new generation?

It is true that there is now a new version in circulation with a somewhat larger (6.8 inches) and warm light, but in return, of course, you have to pay 139.99 euros.

Added to these two qualities is the USB-C charging (which is therefore faster) and a higher response speed (it has improved by 20% according to its manufacturer). If these are important qualities to you (coupled with a design with somewhat narrower edges), we encourage you to get the most recent version and indulge yourself; but if this is not the case, we assure you that with the Paperwhite you will be more than satisfied. The decision remains in your pocket.

The link to the offer for this Kindle Paperwhite is part of our Amazon affiliate agreement and may earn us a small commission. Even so, the decision to publish it has been made freely, under the editorial criteria of El Output, without attending to suggestions or requests from the brands involved.

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