The best contents of the week in MC (CCCXLVIII)

We take advantage of the final stretch on Sunday to share with you a new compilation with the best content of the week on MC, a classic where you will find our selection of specials, guides and news. As always, we hope you have a good start to the week.

Five mistakes you should not make when building a low-cost PC. Building a low-cost PC always forces us to make certain sacrifices, although if we know where we have to cut in the end we won’t have any problem, and we will be able to create a fully functional, reliable computer that is well adjusted to our needs. In this guide we help you get it right.

Samsung One UI 5.1Samsung One UI 5.1: all the news of the new interface. Samsung has scheduled its first Unpacked event of 2023 this week to present its new top-of-the-range Galaxy S23 smartphones and other news. The software is as important as the hardware and the company will release the new version of its own interface, Samsung One UI 5.1. We tell you its most important keys.

PS5 consolePS5 supply will stop being a problem this year, goodbye to inflated prices and speculation. The launch of PS5 was marked by high demand and a marked shortage, two keys that allowed speculators and resellers to almost completely drain the stock and inflate the price of said console. Sony has finally managed to improve production, and this will put an end to those problems.

Sound Blaster X5Sound Blaster X5 review: A high-flying, versatile external sound card. The Sound Blaster X5 is a high-end external sound card that moves away from the classic low-end solutions that, in the end, do not make a difference compared to the classic integrated sound that we can find in most motherboards. mid-range. We have tried it, and we liked it.

Toyota Corolla GR Sport, deal. We have had the opportunity to test several versions of the Corolla, with the original 122-horsepower engine, which was somewhat fair depending on the use of the car, and the 184-horsepower version. This time we wanted to test a variant of the five-door Corolla with a specific finish with sporty airs that bears the name GR.

Analysis, Vivo X80 PRO: light up your life with its camera. A few days ago the Vivo X80 PRO model arrived so that we could test it and get the most out of it. And it is that this device offers the most top features on the market, highlighting, above all, its photography module thanks to Zeiss technology. Compete in the high range without any problem.

What is Abandonware?

What is Abandonware and where to find the best games. Abandonware is an Anglo-Saxon word (formed by abandoned and software) that defines all that digital software that, even being under the umbrella of copyright, has been discontinued by its authors. In this article we tell you all its keys and where to get the best free games.

Five mistakes you should not make when buying a laptop. Buying a laptop is an important investment, and at the same time it can become a complicated decision, since we will have to take many things into account, and this can end up overwhelming us in the end. In this article we help you make the right decision by reviewing five mistakes that we must avoid.

Is it worth buying an Xbox Series S in 2023? In this article we will tell you six keys that will help you answer that question, and that will allow you to answer any questions you have about this Microsoft console that, in essence, has managed to maintain all the most important values ​​and features of its older sister. , Xbox Series X, and with a much lower price.

Samsung Galaxy S23: models, specifications and pricesSamsung Galaxy S23: models, specifications and prices. The wait has come to an end, Samsung has finally presented its new Galaxy S23, a new family of top-of-the-range smartphones that is positioned at the top of the South Korean manufacturer’s catalog. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about these terminals, including their prices and the release date.

Upcoming Releases: Games February 2023 Upcoming Releases: Games February 2023. As every month, we review the main game releases for PC and for the main consoles. February is going to be an interesting month in this sense, although for this we will have to wait for the second fortnight, since the first one only registers two important releases.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania February movie premieres: ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ start Phase 5 of the UCM. We also take advantage of the start of February to give a complete review of the main movie releases for this month. From dignified melodramas to action in abundance, going through Titanic’s return to theaters, 25 years after its premiere, a very interesting month awaits us.

Steam Deck Did you know that the Steam Deck is a PC running a standard Linux system? Since its announcement, back in the summer of 2021, Valve’s portable console has become a clear success story. Now, what exactly do you know about this device? Here we explain its internals, both hardware and software, so you don’t have any doubts.

The Earth according to Philomena Cunk News VOD 05/23: ‘The Earth according to Philomena Cunk’, the laugh that has no place. There is not a single week that the main film and series streaming services do not update their catalogs with all kinds of news. And of course, in response to this, there is not a single week in which we do not inform you, in our weekly “VOD News” of all the news about them.

things that can make your pc go slow 10 things that will slow down your PC and how to avoid them. Surely on many occasions you have wondered why the PC loses performance over time. Now, what if you could not only know the reasons, but also avoid them? Well, here we give you a set of recommendations with which the performance of your PC will not degrade over time.

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