Zoom will help you not get distracted in your classes or meetings

This is a platform that offers us everything we need at both a functional and aesthetic level to carry out meetings of all kinds, of course virtual. Thanks to this that we are commenting on the application, it is used by both end users to talk with friends, as well as entrepreneurs to carry out professional meetings. As it could not be otherwise, it is also very useful in the education sector.

Now let’s go back to talking about a new release that has just arrived on this platform and that will help avoid distractions.

What is Focus Mode that has come to Zoom

Specifically, we refer to what has become known as a Focus mode, a functionality that in principle has been designed with the educational environment in mind. In fact, it allows students to stay attentive or work on their assignments while supervised without being distracted by others and their assignments. At the same time, this function allows the host to watch the videos of all the participants without them seeing each other.

Therefore, the functionality extends to the shared screen when we use it in Zoom. In this way both the host and the rest can see and switch between the shared screen of each participant. Of course, with the Active focus mode, participants can only view their own content. On the other hand, if the host considers that the content of a participant should be shared with others, he can easily start sharing the screen of the participant in question, with others.

In this way all the participants highlighted by the meeting by the host can continue to watch their own video. But they will only see the names of the other participants, their comments or non-verbal reactions, in addition to hearing them when they are not muted.

How to activate the new mode in Zoom

Keep in mind that meeting participants with older versions of the program will also be affected by Focus Mode. And it is that their videos will be erased for others, and the shared content it is only visible to him host. In the same way, they will not see any notification about this new mode.

Therefore, it can be said that it is enough that the host has the required client version to start the Focus mode. Well, at this point, let’s see how to enable Focus Mode for all users of the account. The first thing we do is log into the Zoom web portal as an administrator. Also, we need permissions to edit the account settings, all from this link.

Next, we click on the Account Management section and then on Settings. We click on the tab Meeting, and in its advanced options, we activate the Focus Mode selector, where we activate or deactivate it. It is also interesting to know that, if this selector that we mentioned appears in gray, it means that we do not have permissions to change it.

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