Zucchetti promotes the transformation of finance departments

Zucchetti Spain gave a great boost to the transformation of the finance departments a few weeks ago. She did it in the new edition of the Conference Finance Meeting in the Civitas Metropolitan Stadium in Madrid, where he participated as a sponsor. In this meeting point for CFO’s, the challenges of financial management in companies and the role played by technology to speed up processes have been analyzed.

During this event, the round table “How to be an Agile company” took place, moderated by Joaquín Lasheras, director of operations of HR Mobility, the set of Zucchetti Spain solutions for the management of Human Resources in mobility. The travel expense managementvehicle fleets and the promotion of virtual meetings in the post-pandemic era are some of the issues that have been addressed throughout the meeting, in the midst of a context influenced by the energy crisis, double-digit inflation and supply chain tensions.

Agile methodology

The Agile methodology allows companies to act quickly and flexibly in the face of changes. During the round table moderated by the director of operations of HR Mobility, the participants analyzed from their respective sectors the challenges of having a quick and flexible response to financial difficulties, as well as enhancing the role that technology plays in adapting finance departments.

The importance of simplifying and optimizing processes to facilitate adaptation to change, having reliable and accessible data and allowing the CFO to become the facilitator of the necessary technology to be able to improve process planningestablish effective automation and manage information of value to the business.

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The decisive role of software solutions to implement Agile methodologies that allow improving internal communication, optimizing costs, facilitating team awareness, speeding up decision-making and, ultimately, being more productive and efficient was also highlighted.

Travel expenses and cost optimization

During the Finance Meeting 2022, the focus was on the three great challenges that CFOs are experiencing right now: the energy and supply chain crisisthe increase in inflation and its effect on the financial health of companies, and the cultural changes brought about by the pandemic.

The energy and supply crisis forces us to look for new ways of managing vehicle fleets, such as Zucchetti Spain’s ZCarFleet, which allows companies to optimize costs and deal with the increase in fuel prices.

The pandemic has also brought about a cultural transformation in organizations. Although there has been a return to traditional models, virtual meetings have gained considerable momentum that poses a new scenario in which greater efficiency and a reduction in travel are sought. Companies have had to rethink the role of the office in a smart working context, as well as business trips, which must be fewer, shorter and more efficient.

Here technology plays a fundamental role in managing travel expenses, helping to drive financial health and improving process efficiency. Solutions such as ZTravel from Zucchetti Spain now play a more decisive role than ever, by favoring the intelligent management of business trips and travel expenses.

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