10 series to relax the slump for the goodbye of Stranger Things

Now that season 4 is over stranger things you will have been left with that feeling of being an orphan, of wanting to enjoy new adventures style goonies with kids riding bikes, chasing mysteries and suddenly running into danger. If so, you’re in luck because the formula made fashionable by the Duffer brothers It is more present than you imagine on streaming platforms. Behold.

10 Alternatives to Stranger Things

Next, we leave you with the ten series that you can continue watching and that they are going to make the wait a little more bearable until Netflix premieres the fifth season of the adventures of the Hawkins boys. These are:


One of the best series available on Netflix, with three seasons full of mysteries and extraordinary time travel. And there are kids who ride bicycles.


One of the surprising bets of Apple TV +. A different fiction, which also tells of the dichotomy between two worlds and that is as strange as it is exciting and dazzling in its ending.


Movistar+ was clear about it and followed in the footsteps of stranger things with this series in which kids on bicycles go out in search of mysteries…and adventures.

The Leftovers

One of the creators of lost is behind this strange series that has three seasons, that has a very peculiar narrative but that leaves you well satisfied when you reach the end. You have it on HBO Max.

The Curse of Hill House

The most famous haunted house in the world houses the return of a family that is reunited in it after a tragedy. That lap will be the one that marks the moment in which they will have to face all the traumas of the past that the mansion itself will take care of reminding them.


Two worlds separated by technology. That of the humans and that of the hosts. All gathered in an amazing theme park real. But what is real? You have three seasons and part of the four, recently released, on HBO Max.

Locke & Key

After the death of his father, the children return to a mansion in a remote place of New England where they will meet again with the magic that resides within its walls. Although deep down, what they will have to do is fight the evil that appears in every corner of Lovecraft’s city.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina is the protagonist of a series in which she will have to fight between live in his magical world or do it with your normal friends. Inspired by the old series and movies of sabrina the witch.


Teenage adventures, plots of love, drama and also comedy for a production that it will absorb you by its approach and staging. Take a look. You have it on Netflix and HBO Max.


Finally we bring the bet of Prime Video to make direct competition to stranger things. Is Papergirls with teenagers who live delivering the newspaper every morning, will take us to a world of paranormal phenomenatime travel and incredible situations that, hopefully, are as intense as those experienced by the kids from Hawkins.

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