4 Microsoft courses to learn JavaScript: in Spanish and free

JavaScript, together with Python, are the two programming languages ​​most used by developers of applications, websites and even video games, so having knowledge of these it will open many doors for us in the Laboral scene. However, it is not easy to find a course that suits users who have little knowledge of this subject.

But, if we search well, we can find courses that are ideal for masters and advanced users, some of which are completely free. If you want to take the first steps in the JavaScript programming language, here are 5 courses designed by Microsoft that are also completely free and, best of all, are in Spanish, something quite difficult to find. .

Free JavaScript course

  • Web development for beginners. This is the first course that we should do if we do not have any knowledge of web development since it allows us to know the basic concepts of it and the programming languages ​​and tools. This course consists of 6 modules and lasts 1 hour and 49 minutes.
  • First steps with Vue.js. This course will allow us to learn Vue.js, a web framework that allows developers to work faster using the script tag and in which we will learn the basic concepts, practice showing lists and conditional data, and work with forms and all kinds of events. This course lasts 1 hour and 50 minutes.
  • Creating web applications with React. With a duration of 1 hour and 21 minutes and 3 training modules, this course introduces us to React.js, the most widely used front-end JavaScript framework. Thanks to the combination of HTML and JavaScript, we can create reusable block components in applications, avoiding creating redundant repeated code in the same application or web.
  • Building JavaScript applications with Node.js. If we talk about Node.js, we are talking about a set of integrated APIs that will help us create different types of applications to satisfy any need. This course includes code testing and debugging features as well as an extensive ecosystem of third-party packages that can be easily added to any application or web. The duration of this course is 3 hours and 12 minutes and consists of 6 modules.

If we want to do any of the courses that we have shown you above, unlike other platforms, No registration required on any web page. We just have to click on each of the links to see the course agenda and start doing it.

Once we have learned the basics and the operation of JavaScript we can rgo to youtube where we can find very complete courses in Spanish where we can put the knowledge we have acquired to the test and, incidentally, expand it to end up mastering this versatile and easy-to-learn programming language that will provide us with a large number of job offers.

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