40% of Spaniards want to install solar panels, due to the rise in light

The light price It has been a real headache for consumers for some time, due to its continuous historical records. According to the Iberian Electricity Market Operator (OMIE), in October the bill increased fivefold compared to the previous year.

The rising cost of electricity has once again put on the table the need for a green alternative that allows to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and to economic savings.

It involves the installation of solar panels, which can save between 50% and 70% of electricity costs, according to data presented by Selectra. Savings will be possible to a greater or lesser extent depending on different characteristics related to the type of installation or the home itself. Likewise, according to data presented by the company specialized in maintenance and care of the home HomeServe, approximately 40% Spanish They want the installation of solar panels in their homes.

Take advantage of self-consumption and save

Although the installation of solar panels requires a considerable economic cost, in the long term, it allows a significant saving in light, and more taking into account the current energy situation in Spain.

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According to the Energy Change portal, whether the savings are greater or less will depend on the type of home, the contracted electricity rate, the technology used for the installation or a good planning of this.

Training in facilities favorable to self-consumption

The professionalism of the installer it is also important. The increase in demand as a result of the rise in electricity has emphasized the need for knowledgeable profiles of electrical installations, as well as their construction and maintenance.

For the training of these professionals, there are centers such as the CEAC Professional Training Center, which offers a degree of Professional Training in Electrical and Automatic Installations at a distance with the aim of providing students with the necessary knowledge for the installation of solar panels, but also for other types of electrical and automatic installations.

Distributed in nine modules, it is a technical course endorsed by Endesa and with content developed by experts and prepared to facilitate optimal understanding by the student. The course gives the opportunity to work as an electricity professional in different fields and addresses, among other objectives, the need to meet a professional demand in the job market.

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